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(“The China Doll”)
Miami's new Freestyle / Breaks, Electro Dance Queen


          Rising out of Miami’s International Music scene, D'LUNA holds a distinguishing vocal which launches her to be one of few artist that holds the combination of talent, grace and extravagance.  Presently dominating Miami’s thriving underground club culture, world wide web and spilling into the international world of commercial radio as D’Luna the china doll, D'Luna has become an icon for rising artist and has risen the standards for dance and pop artist at the hands of platinum award winning producers.

          With a long professional background in the music industry (beginning at the age of 14), D'LUNA has been known to have fierce modeling skill and has sang with groups through out her high school career. Throughout her career, D'luna has developed her skills to a degree with which she is able to sing and master genres spanning from R&B to Rock. Originally from Manhattan, New York and embracing Miami as home, this delicious mixture of Chinese, French and Dominican decent is what caught the eyes of the biggest executives in the record business. As D’luna the China Doll, she signed to Jellybean recordings and has been heard on radio stations in the biggest cities in the U.S.  and performed in venues like Caesar’s palace in Atlantic City and world class knight clubs like Level, South Beach. She has had pop dance artist like Robin Fox,Rockell,Thrillseekers, DJ Encore feat Angelina and many others open up shows for her, and she herself has opened up for artist such as City High and Uncle Cracker. Coming at full force from the production studios of platinum award winning producers like Lewis Martinee (Creator of dance/top 40 group Expose); D'lunas' talent has created such a buzz that it has caught the attention and backing from Sony Discos president Oscar Llord and legendary multi platinum award winning producers like Jellybean Benitez and is believed by music industry experts to have a strong impact in both the commercial, dance and pop music world.

          “An amazing artist with a strong vocal styled record” states Ellyne Harris, President of the CADM (Committee For the Advancement Of Dance Music), the organization responsible for the creation of a Dance category for the Grammy Awards. D'Lunas mixture of sexuality and power already have been one of the factors for her following, but its her powerful vocals and performance that would define the true definition of a legend to be.

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