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Issue #24


JONPITO and FM.C SURVIVAL GUIDE Through White Party Week

On November 26- December1, 2003, Southern Wine & Spirits of South Florida Presents the 19 annual White party week In Miami. Bringing Together The Top DJ/Producers, artist, promoters and Elite of the GAY Club Circuit and Gay Dance Music Industry. The "real" crown Holders over the global Underground sound of House and Club music.

On Its 19th year, White party Continues To be one of the Top fundraisers for HIV/aids research, benefiting Care recourse.South Florida's top organization for HIV/aids research and information source for the gay and club community in south Florida. This is the time of year that you can catch the HOTTEST sounds that are Currently hitting the global underground or will also be Driving the Underground sound for the coming year. The Top DJs of the World like:

PETER RAUHOFER of *69 fame and his label of the same name (signed artist like CELEDA,Miami's own DJ VIDAL, pet shop Boys, Suzane Palmer and more). The label that paved the way for "hide you" by cosheen, one year earlier in the gay underground with Suzane Palmer's version of "hide you".Also known for releases underground anthems like The Collaboration "Break For Love", Alma Matris "Musica Electrica", and LuLa "The DJ,THE MUSIC and ME" and "celeda's "The underground".

Pioneers like TONY MORAN: once was a Latin HipHop/Freestyle God Now is one of the Hottest DJs on the gay Circuit and producers of artist like Becky baeling and Kevin Aviance.(at the same time also working with other Freestyle artist as ROCKELL). Both artist will be featured on future issues, as Kevin aviance was known to redo the classic freestyle anthem "din Da da" originally done by George Kranz. Becky baeling also has some nu Freestyle/Breaks material with her version of "Heaven Is A Place On Earth". Baeling, Aviance and Moran will be featured in future fm.c issue,as they all have new material out now and coming up.

DJ ABEL, the Resident of Miami's now defunct but legendary SALVATION, also known as the other half of ROSABEL, whom he forms with Ralphie Rosario. Known for his long hours of Circuitry and dark progressive Tribal house.

Victor calderone: gay Circuit god, nuff said.

HEX HECTOR, Manny Lehman, Monty Q and so much more.

Although the white party is a fund raiser and not a Circuit Party, The soul of the gay Circuit shines through.It is a Known fact that Fashion, Music, sound, style all generate or Break through the gay Community first,before anywhere else. It has since the dawn of classic Disco, it has in Miami during the early through late 80's with Latin hiphop Freestyle and Hi-NRG , it did in the 90's with House music and still continues. It continues to do so today in pockets of the electro clash scene and Nu-freestyle electro dance scene.

2003 has seen the shift of dance music. Trance music has begun its down fall in popularity. Str8 DJs and club crowds now have invaded the Sound of darker tribal and progressive house that the Gay community already experienced 2 years before. DJs like Murk(funky Green Dogs)(Miami), who once had a full gay following are now mainstream radio artist. Producers that the circuit has held on to in underground status such as Robbie Rivera (Miami), known for underground circuit anthems like "feel this" are promoting and producing commercial dance records, mostly influenced by 80's dance forms and artist like Kylei monogue, Madonna, and others holding that sound.

Artist like kylei manogue or Dani Monogue biting on the early 80's sound and the Electro clash revival of the 80's Freestyle,electro and nrg sound. (who ever thought about hearing in a club Madonna and Britney singing over electro bass. A Miami sound and level of Freestyle dance music).

JONPITO and welcomes the white party. We have always supported the gay community,as the gay community always had supported us. In addition, we always been open and supportive to artist that have become artistic Gay Icons in the freestyle and dance music scene like India, D'luna (the china doll),Jellybean, Rockell, Tony Moran ANgel Clivilles (the original COVER GIRL) and others, as well as gay members of the Freestyle community such as JOE Granda, Tony Moran and COUNTLESS others. Those who had to put a front in the machismo world of Freestyle, as did many of freestyle and dance music's followers.

In the past Jonpito's Taishan Ball, the Crown Jewel of Freestyle parties during Music Conference week in march( in Miami), has always been held SPECIFICALLY at gay owned and operated venues such as Taishan ball at Salvation/1771, or Taishan Ball II held this past march at SCORE....bringing the mix of both classic artist like Sandee and Connie meets present day artist like D'luna the China doll and tera Sky.

Pumping up current sounds of electro and tribal house mixed with 80's 3 years before the 80's or 80's nights even became "in fashion again" in both gay or str8 underground and mainstream clubs. Now the tradition Continues and raises up some levels; as we strongly relate to the gay community when it comes to having High standards in the development and expectation of Music, art and fashion.

We encourage our fan base to at least go to one of the several parties being held in Miami, especially if you Love to be on top of the Current sounds, years before you will hear it on commercial radio. See the DJs and the artist perform records you will never hear near radio, but become the global anthems we come to love.

All funds are going to a good use in research for HIV/aids and prevention. In our dance Music History we have lost so many people, so many to name, from artist LIKE SYLVESTER, House/Freestyle producers like DAVID COLE or even in our very own community here in Miami like CARLOS AT CARJOUL.

The parties might be pricey, but the funds they are going to will be put to good use and the memories and records you will hear will be awesome. Most of all...too feel the spirit of the Gay circuit or just experience the NRG that comes out of it... there is no word in the world to express that feeling, especially to feel it in MIAMI.

The following are some selected must attend parties and a survival guide through out the white weekend. By Saturday you will figure out that one party bridges to another party, morning party, tea dance (afternoon) and into another night party. This is your test to hear great music and see how far you can get. TRUE CLUB PEOPLE STAY AWAKE Through the WHOLE THING.


Friday Nov 28 MARK BAKER, JEFFREY SANKER and Jonny Chisholm present WHITE DREAMS with TONY MORAN and DAVID KNAP performances by Deborah Cox at the Miami Seaquarium. ($95 @ door)

Saturday NOV 29 MUSCLE BEACH 13 -12 St Ocean Drive South Beach noon -sunset..DJ MONTY Q ($30 at door) ( FM.C 5 star MUST)

SATURDAY night 9pm - 5am WHITE HEAT at MAZE with PETER Rauhofer (*69) ($50 @ door) (FM.C 5 star MUST,anyone who is anyone will B there!)

SUNDAY morning 8 a.m- 3pm Mike Mazer,Vito, and p.m. parties present WHITE DAWN with Susan Marabito ($25@door)

Sunday afternoon 6:30-11:30 at Viscaya, THE 19th annual WHITE party with DJ MANNY LEHMAN and DALE ROZMAN, "great Gatsby" theme (flappers and Gangsters).wear white. ($150 @door. The CROWN Jewel of White Party week) (FM.C 5 star MUST)

10 p.m. - 5.a.m. NOCHE BLANCA @ Crobar with VICTOR CALDERONE ($85@door) (FM.C 5 Star MUST)

10p.m. -6a.m. Noche Blanca @ SPACE34 with TRACY YOUNG ($45@ Door)

SUNDAY-MONDAY 6A.M. - 5pm White Horizon @ space 34 with DJ ABEL ($30@door) (Fm.C 5 star must x 5 . EVERYONE will still be hanging on!!)

10p.m-5a.m. opium Garden, RELAX with DJ Roland Balmares ($20@door)

See you at the parties and see you here at FREESTYLEMUSIC.COM (

Coming up next month, the year is here 2oo4 Freestyles year,, or should I say ELECTRO DANCE.

Also more overlooked and current releases by some of today's Freestyle faces. Also more material from those changing and effecting all corners of the movement of dance music's underground and established (CORPORATE) operated dance record,club and radio Industry (The REAL down low).

Where we were, where we are, and where we are Going. From Electro funk and Latin hiphop to electro dance and everything in-between ALTERNATIVE and HOME for Freestyle and Dance Music's Underground Latin and Gay population.

Also coming soon, Focus and interviews on Rockell, D'luna, Frank Lords, JONPITO, Power Infinity, Daisy dead petals, Conie Casarole, material from Saint etien,Cyndi Louper,Anthony rother,dynimix II, Fischer spooner, W.I.T. Danni monoug and much more and The launch of NRG-TV and FM.C radio.

Also MIAMI'S new COMMUNITY DANCE RADIO coming in February covering Miami and San Francisco, NEW freestyle and dance Promoters, More freestyle/dance music Concerts and Weekly club Nights.

The REAL crowns of KINGS and QUEENS (in every sense of the word) of the NU-FReestyle and Dance Music Community

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