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Ultra Music Festival - Miami, Florida

Barcardi - Mojitos

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LadyTron -Sofcore Jukebox

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Hot Wheels - at SOHO LOUNGE - Miami, Florida

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White Party 2003- Tracy Young

The background track you are listening to,  "Alma Matris" (Rapido) can be found on the new Tracy Young CD.

FMC - Destune Records & D'Luna
(Winter Music Conference 2004)
NU-Freestyle/Electro Dance Queen puts face on front page of The Miami Herald.

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On Tuesday March 9,2004…….while the rest of the dance community attends “trance” Euro parties that are gearing to take up more 80’s influences, or other venues will try but fail to capture the 80‘s dance essence………….the Community of American 80’s Dance origins congregate at the SOHO LOUNGE for THE TAI SHAN BALL3: The annual Nu-Freestyle/breaks Community showcase/party. A theme mix of Future-retro fashion, image and sound. A time warp between early to late 80’s electrohiphop/freestyle, breakdancing and HINRG dance parties meets the most cutting edge Nu-freestyle/electro dance sounds and artist rising out of the corners of Progressive/Tribal house, breaks and electro clash scenes.
A night that the young will experience the soul of Miami for the first time and older generations will feel like they were 17 again, as we take a journey into the deepest realms of the current dance trends and revive the ESSENCE and spirit of 80’s Latin Freestyle and HI-NRG dance music and the SOUND of MIAMI’s Club 1235, Club Nu, Hotwheels, Ricks Bar, Paragon, New York’s Studio54 of the 80‘s, Fun House, 1018,ROXY, Redzone and Roseland. The journey continues as we warp to present day Electro breaks and Nu-freestyle sounds that currently found their way to Orlando’s rave scene and filled the room of venues like Avalon (Boston), Tabu (Orlando), After Hour Power (LA), GLOW (D.C.) etc and have performances by artist who traveled and performed the same circuit of venues and underground raves, as well as Commercial radio events by Cox and Clear Channel dance and top/40 radio chains

Tuesday March 9, 2004 will mark a historical day in the history of Freestyle Dance music, as the Freestyle community celebrates its 21st anniversary as a community since the conception of the first Freestyle/electro dance records since 1983. For the first time ever, the new generations of the underground Nu-Freestyle/Electro breaks, electro clash and gay underground Tribal house cultures congregate under one roof; to celebrate the transition of music shiftments and transition of political representation passed on to the next generation. For the first time, three generations of Freestyle peoples will resurrect the soul of the latinhiphop/latinpopdance movement to redefine, recunstruct and pass on a new Dance movement.

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Known around international circles , she is known as the artist “CHINADOLLS” on Jellybean recordings/Wea and Sony Distribution for her anthem “ill know How To Love you (im blowing Up).  Originally Born in New York and raised in Miami, at a young age she already broke into the industry singing Dance music (Freestyle/hi NRG) for clubs like Ricks Bar; while helping and inspiring friends who already were popular in the Dance Music circles of Miami at the time. Although still young, she took part in many bands that ranged form Rock to even taking part of the world recognized group Las Chicas del can; a Dominican Menegue group of girls that toured the globe.  Inspired by her uncle WILFRIDO VARGAS, a legend in Latin Music; she decided to try to go back to solo artist status and  signed to Miami’s legendary production house Pantera. Pantera closing its doors at the time after success with Group Expose, D’Luna managed to get at least one of her earliest productions produced by Lewis Martinee and Jellybean Benitez entitled “Never Going To say“ and “All My Love“. The singles never were released as Pantera filed for bankruptcy.   Through out the years she molded herself as an artist, writer, sculpture and poet . She continued through school and continued her development with several groups. 2001  She became the final vocalist for a group attempt called China dolls and signed to Sony Discos President Oscar Llord, Lewis Martinee and Gabriel Buitrago.

The record was succesfull in many waves of release and distribution, but it was her signing to Jellybean Recordings and WEA that re-lounched the record and introduced it to markets not known for break records.  Jellybean recordings, who already built a reputation for artist like Antoniet Robertson, Pulse, Cyndi Louper, and even Angel Clivilles of the original Cover girls; Now had a new direction and willing to start investing in “Break” records flooding the market from Miami, Tampa and Orlando.

Although misunderstandings about the chinadolls were made, confusing the name with a Trio group, D’luna    remained known as ONE intity with 3 levels of talent: Song, Looks and Dance. In a world of Freestyle and electro influenced sounds, D’luna became again the only Latina from Miami to show Physical form and put a face back on Nu-Freestyle.

Although many artist out of Miami and Orlando creating vocal records were also of Hispanic background, many did not show or put a face on their productions, as it was en vogue to flaunt European roots to dance music;which most had non. D’luna flounted her roots proudly around the underground and commercial breaks scene proudly, thinking it was important to represent artist and people who hail form the home of Miami Electro Freestyle and Bass( She hailing from Miami lakes). Her roots to producers like FORD were re-discovered as she was the original demo voice for his song “I See Stars” later produced and released by fords girlfriend at the time. Although signed to major distribution, she felt the fustrations that ALL artist face and began confronting them.

 She would have to team up with promoter JONPITO to give additional life to a record that was in some regions not promoted right and abandoned by the label. The “Ill Know How To Love You (Im Blowing Up)” began getting revitalized though the gay market for a second wave, Latin Market and international Market. She quickly became a poster child for the teen and gay underground alternative scene, at the same time continued to do rock projects and tour.

March 2004, now free from her former contracts,  she lounches her long awaited production by Expose creator Lewis Martinee “Come with Me” already getting airplay cross country and international settings. She also is in the works for producing projects with Guissepe D and her album, EMPTY, on Destune records  where she has the freedom to write her own material. On Friday January 11,2002  at club TABU in Orlando ;KJ of k5  was spinning the night and the club was filled beyond capacity with a line that went down a block. D’Luna took the stage  and created a frenzy. She gave a performance that was written in the history of Break vocal acts. That day she was crowned  the Queen of NU-Freestyle Breaks.  She will take on the Soho lounge stage with her Rock band members of Lunasoul and hold her crown high for a new generation of industry execs and club kids as she takes Electrobreaks to the next level with a mix of live instruments and 80’s punkrock influences.

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Originally from Miami and now based in New York, Avenue D has become the poster face for the Electroclash community. Although it is pop for labels to sign female rap duos or trios who lay lyrics over electro bass, Debbie and Daphne are culturally rooted to the land of Electrobass. Unlike others who come out looking like corporate fabrications imitating 80’s groups like Jjfad or la’trim,  Avenue D keeps it rooted to Miami Freestyle and Bass influences and recognizes where those influences originated from. They have traveled beyond the realm of  electro clash limitations and have been embraced by other genre’s communities. In the Freestyle industry they are reminiscent of classic Miami Freestyle bass acts like Dipples T “Jelouse fellas” or Pretty Pretty “Nasty habits”.

Daphne D of  Cuban background   and Debbie D of Panamanian background  have not only generated attention from the international dance world, but also has had the capability to cross over to the Latin teen pop dance movement cultivating in the Miami underground. With their projects, they are able to appeal to the large spanglish speaking generation and as female rappers are taking the art form to a higher level. Influenced by Miami bass and artist as DJ Laz , Breezy The MC, and Freestylebass as Power Patroll, they are taking positions Bass females have never taken before and still rooted to forms of electro-dance music. In 2004 after already making global noise with their anthem “slut”, they plan to debut new material with productions by Boy Jorge and new yorks underground god, Pete Heller. 





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Michael M 

Club kid extraordinaire , magnificent  and magical  Michael M  is  the hottest thing to rise up out of Miami’s underground electro clash world. Already known for his classic anthem “I could be this” by ANDROGENY feat. MICHAEL M  on the legendary STRICTLY RHYTHM RECORDS, Michael M rises out of Miami’s very own ACHE records; backed up by Miami Freestyle and Dark/Tribal House legend Frank “OBA” Lords (known for Secret Society,Latin X-press and “Dark Beat” by Murk).

Now spiritual and tribal godson of Frank Lords, Michael M  is causing a frenzy with his new release “RAMBLING” and a electro remake of “I could be This”. In 2004 he will debut his new album with productions by Frank Lords and Guissepe D.


Since the birth of DISCO  there has always been the dominance of gay culture over the four on the floor dance beat of  disco in all its forms. A sound that for over 2 decades has influenced, taken and given back to its cultural underground. Though stories have been told of New Yorks HOUSES like the most popular The INFINITI’s or  house of LORDS,

many have migrated to Miami and the south Florida region implanting a new home for “House” culture. The scene most popular for cultivating VOGUEING and RUNWAY ,at times influencing pop music’s biggest names such as Madonna, Jody Watley and India.

Originally rising out of the underground of “HOUSE” culture, Power Infiniti became one of the biggest names in the south beach and New York club circuit as a performer.

Known for outrageous stage shows full of light and fantasy, POWER would be remembered for the way his body moved to a beat and twitched to a lick of a snare.

The ENERGY of an orchestra hit would soar though his body  and surge the impulse of a ocean of Circuit boys that have inhabited big rooms like SPACE ,SALVATION, The Black and Blue in Montreal, The red ball, Gay days at Disney ,Winter party, White Party Miami and White Party Palm Springs..   Influenced By djs like Danny Tenaglia (originally from Miami) and his friends DJ ABEL and Ralphie Rosario; at a time when the south beach gay scene is going through a dry spell , power has taken the next step to bring back to life the South Beach scene and implant a new seed of life for the next generation of Gay Underground and club culture. As a DJ , Power calls out the spirits with his tribal sets  and takes his journey to more progressive and darker levels of the Underground. He sings though the drum’ beat and cries with the call of New York and Chicago soul. Now spinning in Miami and Ft louderdale venues, POWER INFINITI makes his official INDUSTRY DEBUT showcase at the Tai Shan ball at Soho Lounge,

Making him not only the first Tribal Dj to take part in a Freestyle industry dominated event, but playing Tribal house with classic influences for an all electro dominated crowd at the SOHO LOUNGE..

“DJ Abel swung by my house the day of my first do gig. He was about to go on tour and he pased by to hand me his very own headphones. It was kind of like passing down the torch” says Power Infiniti as he geares to release his future mix Cd and singles, as he was about to do years ago on the TWISTED label. Many people can spin tribal and Circuit house. POWER INFINITI is the heart of the tribal drum and the soul of the Underground  Circuit world. 

DJ XJennifer GlassZOEJennifer CDanielle SimeoneXTASY
Mickey GarciaDJ Jorge OjedaLos Sucios "El Sucio Himself -  Victor Jinette"
Additional guest Tony Cruz.
Special Guest Honor Madeline Red
with here 80's Hi-Nrgy Anthem " Come Back To Me".
Madeline Red


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