Always Beside Me – Jacinta (recording session)

Always Beside Me - Jacinta (recording session)
Always Beside Me - Jacinta (recording session)



“In 1987, an artist named Sandee’ was enjoying her success on the Billboard national dance charts and radio stations all around the world with her first hit, “Your The One (my Heart Beats for)”. Her second release was a song called “Always Beside Me”. Although it did not gain National acclaim, it was always a show crowd pleaser. In early 2008, Sandee’ contacted the producer who launched her solo career, Avy Gonzalez. After a 20 year separation, they planned to re-release “Always Beside Me” but as fate would have it, Sandee’ tragically passed away. Two years after her passing, Avy vowed to keep her dream alive and produced a remake of “Always Beside Me” sung by International Recording Artist, Jacinta. The Australian born Jacinta garnished multiple hits around the world, over four Billboard charting Dance hits in the United States, and was nominated Best Breakthrough International Artist – Solo at the International Dance music awards in 2008. Jacinta delivers a powerful vocal performance to this triumphant track adding a new chapter to the “Always Beside Me” saga. As a tribute to his lifelong friend, Avy cleverly arranged a small Sandee’ cameo performance, singing a small part of the song seemingly from Heaven, a chilling effect that gives homage to one of Miami’s Dance Music Divas of the late 80’s.

Legendary Producer Avy Gonzalez, known for producing a unique style of dance music by blending different music genres together that created dance classics such as “Did it Feel Like Love/ Genuine Parts, Your The One (my Heart Beats For)/ Sandee’ and Security/ The Beat Club”. All unique and rarely duplicated, Avy once again delivers on “Always Beside Me” by blending House, Reggeton, Conga, Breaks and Pop elements to create yet another timeless, soon to be, Classic Dance track. Avy’s 2010 Rendition of “Always Beside Me” is complimented by seven remixes by top remixers from around the Country. Mikey Maze, Casava (Eddie Alexander & Pablo Ferreira), Jorge Ojeda, Tony Puccio, Luis Beyra, and Angel St. James lend their creative hands to produce numerous genre mixes bound to satisfy all dance musical taste and background vocals by Sandee’s peers Laurie Miller (Expose’), Angie Vollaro (Sequal) along with Jacinta and Kristen Knight.”

Produced, Arranged and Mixed by Avy Gonzalez
Song written by: Avy Gonzalez, Elsy Rodriguez, Jacinta
Engineering: Jacinta, Craig Lawrence, Giuseppe D, Luis Beyra
Lead Vocals: Jacinta and Special Performance- Sandee’
Background Vocals: Jacinta, Laurie Miller, Angie Vollaro, Kristen Knight, Victor “Vic the Kid” Jinete
Shake Your Pants, Publishing. BMI