Issue #1

Community Report

LATIN-HIPHOP- the music, the culture, the identity of a people and their movement that evolved out of the Latino presence and contribution within the early 80’s hiphop movement in New York and evolved through the years in different forms in major cities across the US. In the hands of many, but predominantly and specifically by afro-Latin through mulatto and meztizo youth that boasted Hispanic culture, who have been there since day one and influenced the music & scene with their culture and musical elements. Whether or not the first vocalist and producers were Hispanic, the music and scene was looked as a Latino turf from the start.

WHAT first started as Electro-hiphop and evolved as Latino/Latina street kids singing over hiphop beats and drum machines while adding afro-Latin percussion’s and Spanish tinges, has gone through so much change. Unfortunately with time and ignorance, a Dark Age fell over a scene that once was looked up to and in the process lost it’s identity and it’s cause. What we now call freestyle, a shorter name used to label this scene and was based on the dancing done to the music. The free form of the music’s production in a time not known for it has basically lost its meaning but definitely not it’s people. They can be found keeping the old-school records alive and dancing to freestyle in other forms that evolved and resurrected from the underground electronic dance scene in the hands of new DJ/producers and a combination of both new and old crowds.

TODAY freestyle, like many other musical styles, is a multi-racial and ethnic scene. But also like other musical categories its identity is based on its roots. When genre fails or is threatened, it is it’s roots that it goes back to, to replenish itself. Unfortunately for freestyle, or what became of it (once new crowds started claiming it and changing its definition), they had no direct contact, knowledge, or recognition of its roots. And while those with roots sat back and stopped on love for a while (usually in order to save their image and not be looked and stereotyped as part of what had become of the community) led also to the dark age.

THIS here, in the coming months, will be a station were many who feel deceived and disillusioned by what has become of the Latin freestyle scene, can feel a connection to the past and a inspiration for the future. A new independent sanctuary were the truth will prevail and peeps can share their knowledge and experiences and state their concerns that will benefit the scene.

If you make freestyle records, (real freestyle records- not that bull- sh*t that’s out there) or even if you just listen to freestyle, you need to link in here, go out there and represent, it’s our movement, our culture, our identity. It’s us AGAINST THE WORLD. All materials should be emailed to:

by: Jonpito