Issue #3

Community Report

January came, February is over. Two months from now this site should be so much bolder. This is the first actual community News update. It will cover the basic Dance community specified on Freestyle or anything that somewhat relates, effects or should be of beneficial interest to the Latin HipHop Community. This would include updates on people, events, and current happenings. In time this section should increase into a much larger informative source. Usually the format for this section will start with the bad news and end up with more pleasant news. This will be done to make sure that by the time people leave this section, they leave with a positive out look.

At the young age of twenty, Jason Gonzalez of the group Los Illegales died on Wednesday, January 14,1998 in a hospital bed in the Dominican Republic. This was in result to a car accident he was involved in back in the month of December 97, which left him paralyzed. He lost his battle due to some type of internal infection. According to press releases, Los Illegales will continue to record and release material at the appropriate time. The last release commercially known was “Sueno Contigo/ I Dream About You”, a Latin- House cut with bilingual Freestylish type lyrics that is still conquering both the American and International market.

Teaz II Pleaz , the local Hialeah trio that rose out of Miami’s 80’s Freestyle era, have released their new 12″ record. This was done as a figure to bridge the old Miami to the New Miami movement that is currently resurfacing . Producers Jorge A Ojeda and Vic Ten led the production of the tracks, “Games of Love/Betrayal”. The lastest of the Teaz II Pleaz projects that span back to their first major 80’s Billboard hit ” I Want You”. Last heard from the Ten Lion crew is that they plan to conquer both the Spanish and English markets with Freestyle. Ten-Lion has also picked up a New York group that used to go by the name of Infinite Shadow and will now go under the name BX Boyz . (Bronx Boyz)

Mickey Garcia will now concentrate on 21 Century Records, were he plans to produce and release House, Dream, Trance, HipHop, etc. Not Freestyle. That’s right, Mr. “MicMac” will no longer concentrate on making Freestyle records. After talking to Mickey, he stated that he has been doing Freestyle for so many years and that now he feels it is time for a change. He said he wants to move on and flex his talents in other hybrids found beyond the limitations that Freestyle had. However , Mickey Garcia never downplayed the genre. Instead stated that he always did and will always love Freestyle without doughts. And the day he sees things getting better , he will be back.

Ellyn Harris and the (CADM) Committee for Advancement of Dance Music , have won the battle to get a Dance category at the Grammy Awards. The Grammy awards, the highest award a musician, composer, or producer can get ( I’m talking Barbara Striestand) , is now in reach of Freestyle , House, and all other Dance genre personnel. This is major news. What this means is that Dance music and its creators are now considered by the majors to be real musicians, creating real music. This is a major brake for underground artist’s, as it is a major door now open to them. This is also good for the Dance industry professionals who are now recognized as “real” writers, producers and vocalist. However, Ellyn Harris stresses all producers, writers , and industry personnel, to join (Naras) The National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences. This is essential when it comes to vote for next years nominees. Only qualified members could vote and participate in future elections in the Dance category.

This past Wednesday, February 25,1998, history was made as Donna Summer walked off with The Grammy reserved for the first official Dance category and Frankie Knuckles walked away with the Grammy for the Remixer category. Unfortunately this was not aired in the middle of the International telecast as it should be, as the Grammy’s turned into the GRANNIES. For some unknown phenomenon, most of the Grammy winners were over the age of 50. To make things worse, it was two hours of back to back easy listening Adult Contemporary Rock. Instead of Jackob Dylan and the Wallflowers, they had his father Bob Dylan do his thing. By the time Fleetwood “aging” Mac took the stage, heads were snoozing. This is another reason the Grammy’s need a mad presence from Clubland. At the moment it is a good point to receive a Grammy, but to sit there through the whole thing is another story. Maybe next year if the PARTICIPATION and PRESENCE of more Dance people join the (NARAS) and vote, as for and show up at the Radio City Music Hall (without security confrontations) things might be more LIVELY. Contact: Ellyn Harris (CADM) – (212)- 860-0500. (NARAS) Chapters : Miami (305) 672-4060, New York (212) 245-5440, Chicago (312) 786-1127, and Los Angeles (310) 392-3777.

The 1998 Winter Music Conference will be held at the Miami Fontainebleau Hilton. It will span from March 7-11. By this time if you have not already registered , you must pay the walk up registration fee of $325 at the hotel. For more info call (954) 563-4444 or link into

Escape Entertainment will soon be releasing a new Freestyle compilation entitled ” Freestyle The Millennium Vol. One” due out April 15, 1998. The compilation will contain material from Teaz II Pleaz, Willy Valentin, Poze, Pure Pleasure, and many others.

On “Valentines Day” Saturday, February 14,1998, Madonna went back to her roots and performed at New York’s Roxy. The Roxy , like other clubs (Funhouse), where she performed when she first got started. That’s where she got her first big break under the work of Jellybean Bennitez. She was said to perform some of her old stuff , but more of her new cuts from her Electronica (I hate that term) styled album. (Hmmm…. Madonna + Roxy + “Electronica (Trip-hop-dance? maybe, at least one cut or remix)” + Grammy Dance award = “Sidewalk Talk ” remake? No! Well, maybe. You never know with that girl. But she always gets well awarded.

For those who will be in the Miami area, a reminder. Its that time of year, CARNAVAL TIME. Celebrating the worlds biggest parties. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Monte Graw in New Orleans, and Carnaval in Miami. Carnaval Miami will be on the seventh of March, and Calle Ocho will be on the eighth of March (yes, and there won’t be no distractions on the first two days of the WMC). Basically come naked if you are going to Calle Ocho ( the world’s only ten mile block party packed with a ocean of drunk and crazy party people. SEX , BOOZ, AND DISCO plus SALSA, BOOZ and MORE BOOZ). Also those coming to Miami after the hang overs, remember not to forget all those records you brought to distribute to all the LOW POWER and Community radio stations that play Freestyle, and the one Commercial station Power 96. AND OF COURSE ” FREESTYLE MUSIC. COM ” for reviews, and our soon to come Da BOMB (The Beat of Miami Broadcasting), Web Radio show that will release its vengeance through Cyberspace.

Do not be deceived with the commercial radio stations. Take it from me that your records will get more airplay with the underground stations, as for identification . Unlike the BIG station in Miami, these stations announce the artist, label, and play it frequently. Not at 4:30 am when no one is listening. They also don’t do like the Power 96 ” Ty, Laz, and BO Morning show” and dis the records and singers and say things like ” Lissete Melendez sounds like a wild alley cat on crack”, specifically out of the mouth of Mark Mosley. In addition, he received a fax from some girl Lakisha, that told him to go back to the trailer park where he came from.

This is an example of the hypocrisy that the station is known for. Some talk all the shit they want about Freestyle people, but the minute those people are in town “THEY KISS THEIR ASS “, until they leave town. Once they are confirmed out, the records hit the dust crates (Nina Bena and the Afterdark crew for an example). Their excuse not to play the records is that they don’t get requested. Of course they don’t if they never announce the record and play it once in a blue moon. All records submitted to Power 96 now have to be approved by Kid “thank you very much” Curry. And directly from a call to the Power request line ” Freestyle , we don’t play that kind of music anymore ” ! { WHAT THE FUCK IS ROCKELL! HOUSE? }

Lately Power has been pressured into playing more Freestyle , due to the fact that a movement of underground stations have developed a Freestyle audience. Well anyways, the way Commercial radio supports Freestyle is not news. But at least Power is doing more than other commercial stations through out the Country.


One more thing, lately Miami has been pumpin mad flavor. Lisa Lisa at Club Boca, Angelina at Cafe Casa Blanca, Rockell at Cameo, ETC. One major event was at club St. Croix. Anyone who is anything in Miami’s Freestyle Scene was there. Frank Lords, Rudy Gill (both formerly of Secret Society) , Joe Galdo, Tito Puente JR, Nas t Boys, Safire , Noel, Coro, Ten-Lion Records, undergorund radio and Power 96, Freestyle Music . Com., were all there.

A major point of that night was Detour Records. They opened up with a singer that goes by the name of “Kimberly” . She Opened up the celebration with her ” Neverland” , a Triphop/ High energy scorcher who most DJs have been spinning or using the accapella phrases ” COME INTO MY WORLD” over funky break mixes. She tore it up with her dancers. That was not all , the whole Detour staff was out there passing out pictures, cd, and 12″s. To top it off, since St. Croix never had such an event and a packed full house ( the lines longer than in the supermarket on “foodstamp Monday’s) . In all the confusion, the show wounded up being disorganized, and producer JERRY from Detour slapped a show together and basically saved the night. It is the Detour unity and enthusiasm that made them stand out beyond the fact that they are a small indie compared to other labels who have well known names but no reputation.

They came withought egos and they left that night with the crowds love. They should be an example of what more people should do in the Freestyle Community. Worry about the music and help others before yourself. Don’t worry what people think or whether they will sweat you or not. This is a community and that was a big part of what the 80’s movement was all about. A type of camaraderie which is very rare now . Another person who I have to mention is Safire. No ego what so ever. She was the highlight of the night. She tore it up that night and along with Coro redid it the following night. This time she sang some cuts from her Salsa album entitled “Atrevida”, where she does a duo with George Lamond called “Valiente”.

That’s it for now or else I will continue to write . And we don’t want that because then we will never get out of this webpage. Thanks to every one who has written or gotten in contact with me. Mike “da skool kid”, High Tech in Buffalo, Mickey Garcia, Ellyn Harris, and every one else who supports FREESTYLE MUSIC.COM, THANKS.

by: Jonpito