Issue #6

Community Report

“Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for a good time?….” Yes ladies and gents , the “Meatballs” theme song.

It is summertime and it is going to be a hot one! School is out this month and everyone is going crazy.

WE are now in the month of June, half way through the year and things that the Freestyle world needed to see are now here as proof that the true blood prevails and the false ones have failed.

Your Planetary Freestyle report, future keystone of the Latin HipHop musical kingdom. Coming direct from one of the past and future Capitals of Freestyle. Latin Capital of the U.S. and Capital of Latin America- Miami,Fl. Welcome . I will be your host for today , tomorrow, and the rest of this year, as we all get ready for the Universal massive Jam.


Intersound. The rising new label that has been responsible for showing the support for Neo Freestyle and Underground Acid Funk , by picking up and releasing compilations from Albert Cabrera’s “Dance Trip 2000” and distributing compilations of underground scorchers from Kram records such as “Underground Kingdom best of Kram”, has done it again this month . Not only showing support for Freestyle artist using the new sound , but for the first time in a long time boasting proudly on a Latino tip ( something that has not been seen in the Freestyle or electronic scene for some time).

Out now is the compilation “Total Ritmo” containing the latest from Nyasia “Shake It To The Rhythm” , Voice In Fashion ” I’m Going Out Of My Mind” , Tony Marino “Cant You Feel It”, Sequel “There’s More To Love” (yes Sequel as in “She Don’t Want You Like I DO” & “Its Not Too Late” but this time on a Neo set), and of course the Underground Neo Freestyle Queen (who also hails from the sunshine state) Nadine Renee with “Everybody Get Down”. Other material is from Gerardo, Ray Guel, MZ Toni, and (Talk about old skool) Afro –Rican. This comp is definitely Miami based. Now it’s Miami’s turn to shine. ( I heard all this direct from the D.A.T (Digital Audio Tape) with live surround sound in the studio). It definitely slams.

In case any one wonders what are the main attractions to the “Total Ritmo” CD , it would have to be “Is It Real” by Douby, Tony Marino’s “Can You Feel It”, MZ Toni’s “The Mexican” which is a remake of the now classic “The Mexican” which now contains acidic influences ( read: Suped up Freestyle) . Sequel’s “There’s More To Love” is a neo style scorcher, but different as it holds a alternative feel. The chorus on ” There’s More To Love” gives a sense of unpredictability . And last and not least is Nyasia’s ” Shake It To The Rhythm” which samples phrases from old skool records and contains a large street influence as she sings in Spanglish and gives props to New York, Miami, and L.A. The whole CD is a mixture of Neo Latin Hip Hop, Latin House, and Latin flavored Miami Bass. The basic sound of today’s Latin Hip Hop Flava!

While we are on the Miami tip, some one call the zoo! The Lion is on the prowl! If you think Teaz II Pleaz 1. with Mary was slamming and 2. With Mara was a delight, wait until you reach level three. Yes Teaz II Pleaz 3 with H. Marie is on the loose. A whole new generation of lioness’are on the hunt. Don’t under estimate, these gentle pussycats can get aggressive. The trio from Hialeah that popularized the singing of Freestyle tracks over heavy Miami Bass back in the 80’s, is back with “Games Of Love” . “Games Of Love” is out with three mixes. A Angelina beat driven mix for the neo sets, A old Miami Teaz style mix for the old heads, and of course the Miami mix with the Teaz II Pleaz trademark of singing over the Bass (which would blow your speakers). An attempt no one has tried with the exception of Spanish Fly a couple of years back with “Treasure Of My Heart”. But SF are not’t from Hialeah and it comes closer to home coming from the once princesses of Miami Freestyle that are now dubbed present Queens of Miami Freestyle , due to the fact that they are the last of Miami’s Freestyle Females who boast their roots proudly. The famous “I Want U” is said to be re-released next album after the one out now entitled “3rd Generation” . The label Ten Lion will have compilations distributed by Hot Productions as the label is now headed by Joseph Lopez the III and Marlene Ten. Former head Vic – Ten can be found doing occasional studio production but can also be found as a full-blown Freestyle Music. Com staff member.

Angel Angel Clivilles , formerly known as Angel Sabbater of the original Cover Girls, is back and found on H.O.L.A Records (Jellybeans label, what a coincidence that he and the label were mentioned as artist of the month). She is back with a Latin House scorcher called “Toro Mata” which includes a Spanish and English side. She is still making noise with her Neo single from the “Freestyle Lives” compilation on Fever records called “Don’t Tell Me Till Tomorrow”. What is shocking is that someone from Fever stated that they do not really plan to release more Freestyle material. That all their artist are going to the Latin market or the dance market. ( I must be dumb , I always thought that the Freestyle market was a LATIN DANCE MARKET! We are the Latin market and we are also the Dance market.)

Lissete Melendez is still promoting “Make The Way” at the same time promoting her salsa album “Un Poco De Mi” who is making noise with the single “Algo De Mi” . Nayobe is still promoting her Spanish album “Dame Un Poco Mas” , who contains the Latin House single “We Can Dance We Can Fly (party tonight)”. Hello , Freestyle and Latin House – Dugh! Anyway, Angel’s record shows proof that she has pipes. Originally the single was featured on a Latin House compilation that Fever released a couple of months ago. ( Wow Angel , there is no one in the world who could top her singing “Show Me”, along side Sunshine and Caroline).

Also out on H.O.L.A records is Proyecto Uno’s Remixes album containing remixes. One of the first cuts to be released from this work is ” Quiero Seguir Bailando” which contains a Latin House side as well as a Electro Freestyle side. True! (How funny that once again its Jellybeans label featured on the artist of the Month) “Quiero Seguir Bailando” which means “I want to keep on Dancing” is a record that holds more vocal work than the rapping and chanting that Proyecto Uno is used to. It supports the fact that Latin House records will become more vocal and now with more Freestyle influences present. It was seen in Los Illegales’ “Sueno Contigo/ I Dream About you” and even some of Sandy and Papo’s material. We will definitely see more of this as in the coming future lots of Spanish artists will be kicking it in English and American Latino artists will be kicking it in Espanol. Freestyle will be used as a bridge for both markets.

Jumping over to Timber in New York, Cynthia is now on her new release “If I Had A Chance”. This record is straight up Freestyle . Making up for all the complaints that people stated about her current “Like A Star”. It is straight up Freestyle in the sense that it is more like what people expect. It’s more of a Freestyle song than a Neo song, but it has its versions. Meanwhile Jocelyn Enriquez is still pumping “Get into the Rhythm” . With its several remixes this record will last a while longer, long enough until radio decides to pick it up. Maybe the problem is that it has one or two verses, but radio still plays Mon-a Q who also has one line. “Get Into the Rhythm” is a much more proper record. In the meantime Tommy Boy Silver label has been releasing Hypertrophy’s ” Beautiful Day” , a underground scorcher that will get the spotlight next month along with the rest of the artist found on Timber.

As I have been writing about Kram Records since three months ago, I will continue to shine light on the best of Kram CD. It needs to be seen and not forgotten. Besides containing the pop K5 tracks , it also contains must haves like Newton’s “Just Feel It” , which contains straight up Sweet Sensation samples of “Take It While Its Hot” and where Betty Lebrons vocals are raved up. This compilation is proof of the existing underground world we live in. Some call it Rave others call it Electronica, but the Best Of Kram compilation is the proof that the sounds of Freestyle and Electro funk are indeed alive. Our sound is indeed universal. They recognized, now we recognize back. These are the sounds of the underground Latin HipHop in 98( even if it was not meant to be, the sound found its way home). In the meantime K5 is promoting their latest releases entitled “Funky Rhythm” and “Energy”.

PrymeTyme is now promoting Freddy Lopez’s album “Tu Jugaste Con Mi Amor”. The album contains many cuts in both English and Spanish. If you thought Cynthia was the champ for having the longest inlay and shout outs on her “Cynthia 2” album, Freddy gets the champ tittle for having everything written in Spanish, except for one line in the middle of the whole mess, giving a English shout out to Tonasia.

The album is actually pretty good. The presentation and cover design are indeed phat.


Another Compilation that is actually one of the best compilations I have heard in a while is “Freestyle A New Dimension In Tyme”. You want to know why? This is a compilation that holds to a New York street root. Most of the songs here blend the new Trip sounds combined with “New Skool” Freestyle beats. It bridges the big gap in New York Freestyle that spanned from 1992-1998. It is no surprise to notice that the peeps behind this compilation have not forgotten their HipHop and Latin roots, unlike so many others in the Tri-State area. There are many good tracks found here , but the one who stands out the most is “Deception” by Caridad Torres. It is about time that the people actually see a REAL INDEPENDENT label that not only caters to quality Freestyle, but if anything could become the future fulcrum of New York Freestyle labels. Last heard from Pryme Tyme is that they just picked up and signed Noel ( ” Silent Morning”) and NV (“Girl You Hear Me Crying”).

In other News, Mike Hernandez (who has been mentioned before, worked with Rochelle and many others) still does not have his Compilation out, so I am not even going to talk about it. Instead to let everyone in on what he has been up to , he is now A&R/Club Promotion at Escape Entertainment Group located in Chicago. Mike is going to be compiling material for compilations in the Freestyle, Latin Dance, and Underground Dance arenas. Mike is searching for Producers, writers, artist, and material in the Dance and Electronica Genre.

Rockell has her album out now called “What are you looking at?” The answer to that is NOT MUCH!

In my opinion the album is terrible !! Rockell is now the Freestyle cover queen . Song snatcher supreme. When she redid Jossete’s “In A Dream” , ok everyone let it slide. Now the song to be promoted is a 80’s classic Pop Ballad called “Can’t We Try” over planet rock beats. It has her new buddy Collage all up in there singing with her. It was like a nightmare reminiscent of when Collage and Denine tried to remake Lisa Lisa’s “All cried out” and passed it as theirs , but was later given a proper version by a real R&B talent : Allure. To add to this album there is another cover. Cynthia’s and Johnny O’s “Dream Boy Dream Girl” . This time with Rockell and Collage singing it over Planet Rock beats and attempting to sound like Cynthia and Johnny O. A COMPLETE RIPPOFF OF THE ORIGINAL. You would expect more from Robbins Entertainment . The rest of the album is filler with tired Neo Freestyle attempts, Nrg mixes, and a song borrowing lines from Stephanie Austine’s “Work That Body” (which was not all that ). The Only good thing about this album was Rockell’s pictures and the single “I Fell In Love” ( her one original hit) . What can you expect, the album was made entirely by Adam Morano (except “I Fell In Love”) with Rockell loving every aspect of it. Well , that girl got what she asked for. She now joins the long list of females like Alexia Phillips, Stephanie Morano, Denine, and Lil Suzy. Tired ass Planet Rock wannabe Freestyle Queens. DO you know what is missing on this album ? A BIG ASS METROPOLITAN LOGO CENTERED IN THE FRONT OF THE COVER. When Robbins Entertainment jumped into the Freestyle scene, they were like a breath of fresh air. They were independent and free from building affiliations with people who ran the Freestyle scene like a monopoly. It is sad to see a brand new label that once was attractive , begin to already fall. I am sure that if Robbins Entertainment sells out their independence, it would be arranged with lots of money, contracts, and false promises. This album seems that it is strictly for that Canadian audience. The sad part is that Robbins has the marketing power to promote this bull. Now all of the bandwagoners will jump on this and try to imitate what they see.

This will especially be of beneficial to certain producers and labels who only had interest in working with artist of a lighter complexion in hoping that they could relate to and crack that large Canadian market and still be appealing to the “American” mainstream. They think that they will sell more records. Years ago they dropped the word “Latin” in “Latin Freestyle” because they believed that the mainstream would appeal more to just “Freestyle” alone. Next the industry focused on the Northeast and Canada because they believed that the “Latin” market in Freestyle was not large or important enough for record sales. Then all the labels ran to pick up Italian/Greek artist only, thinking that they would be appealing to both the “White” and the “Latino” audiences (which failed because Italians don’t reflect Hispanic (Latin American and Caribbean) culture). Next thing people noticed was that most radio stations in some regions only played Freestyle records coming from certain labels because the stations believed that their listeners would relate to them better than to others (regardless of talent). Stations used the excuse of preferring Canadian and Philly flavored Freestyle format, when in reality besides biting the Original Freestyle sound, the only difference between the Philly/Canadian Freestyle and “Latin Freestyle”, was Afro-Latin and HipHop influences and the ethnicity and skin pigment of the artist. IT IS ALL POLITICS AND BULLSHIT. All the games that the industry plays and at the end it is the people who pay the price.

Covers and Planet rock beats do not represent Freestyle in the Late 90’s. This is an example of who helped kill Freestyle. Those who ran the Industry in the early and mid 90’s with the Planet Rock flood.

Now, if I were Robbins I would concentrate on Jacqui Cenci who is off to a good start with “Memories”. Jacqui is the ticket for Robbins to regain respect. It’s a shame that some people will imitate the Rockell bullshit because that is what they will hear about Freestyle and over look better albums. There are so much artist who are so much more talented and even write and sing their own songs. There is also so much creativity out there. People should use Innovators and not Imitators . Unfortunately we all know that the top columnists of top Dance magazines will put this on a pedestal to kiss some corporate ASS.

The whole Freestyle media will kiss up to Rockell and her Label because they think she is cute, they feel that that’s what their audience wants to hear, and they want to stay on good terms with the label (by lying to them?).

Personally I cannot do that. I cannot start lying to the Freestyle readers to obtain good relationships with artist and labels. Yes we need unity , but also this is a business. I write for the good of the Freestyle genre , not for my personal relationships. Robbins Entertainment has posted releases on this web site, but is one of many labels who choose not to submit or show support to Freestyle . Like many others , some labels only submit to people they believe are in higher qualifications in the music industry and not to key figures in an area that the Industry has no knowledge of because they were not present when this whole Freestyle thing began. The same with other columnist that have to go to DJs and ask them about our Freestyle past before going to write in magazines and claim themselves the Experts ( later forgetting about those who helped them out).

FORGET ROCKELL. BRING ON JACQUI CENCI! “Memories” out now! (better looking too) .

I feel it for Robbins. I know for a fact that this album, “What You Looking At?”, does not reflect the talents of affiliated parties to that label who have no say in the decisions the label made about that project. We all learn from our mistakes. And the Freestyle scene already learned one of the biggest mistakes they ever faced. After talking to various Label Presidents and industry people , we all came up for a plead. Adam Morano is a better Hi-Nrg producer. He should relocate to that scene and leave the Freestyle one. It would be beneficial to everyone.

( Someone even stated he should relocate to Tibet or Siberia and take Ferullo and the other one with him, but I stated back that everyone can’t have what they really want). As for Robbins, they should concentrate on Jacqui Cenci. They should get a writer like Frank Reyes , who wrote “Together Forever” by Lissete Melendez, get remixers like Noel Sanger to do remixes and let Micheal Angelo continue to produce quality material. Jacqui Cenci definitely needs more exposure. Originality is the key.

Charlie Solana and Danny Canary B.K.A the Rhythm Boys, who are the remixing team that remixed Samantha’s “Craving You Love” on Ying Yang ( no relation to another artist who goes by the same name). The Rhythm Boys have supplied Sony Latino with three remixes for Spanish language sensation FEY. It seems that Fey , who became popular with her Spanish Dance record “Azucar Amargo” , is now going to try to crack the English market with a translation of her Spanish record “Muevelo” . Translated to “Move It” , the Boys have supplied a trance style mix, a Latin style dub, and a commercial pop Euro version. (I would rather see a remix of “Azucar Amargo”, it’s a much serious song. ). It is said to be phat, so we will look into it.
Last month a compilation called South Beats was mentioned. Today we look at it closer. The compilation is a collection of various Spanish-speaking artist who have cracked the Spanish market with some form of Dance Music or a remix. The Highlights are Jan’s “Movimiento De Amor” ,Aurora Y La Academia ‘s ” Horas”, Karina’s “Vidas Nuevas” , and especially the last two Kabah’s “Calle De Las Sirenas (rmx) and XuXa’s ” Yo Te Doy Mi Corazon” which both have Funky Breaks and Electro Funk influences. The compilation is distributed by Polygram. It is good to see that labels are supporting Dance Music in Spanish. In reality there is no full blown support for that since in Latin America the Industry is still hooked up with that Juventud Rock type stuff that the Spanish Dance Music always has to share the scene with. 79462

Another artist that seems interesting and that people should look out for is a female singer who goes by the name of AJA. She is throwing it down with a record called “Pantalones”. The record is a slamming scorcher that would continue to charge House sets on one side, but contains a classic Disco/Funk feel on the other. DJ’s should definitely look out for it on Madrugada music.

And last , Gloria Estefan has recently released her new album entitled “Gloria” and celebrated its official release Thursday May 28,1998 at New York’s Studio 54. The album is said to be a mix of High –NRG and House. Her first cut is called “Heavens What I Feel”. Gloria has completely changed her look from a adult contemporary artist to a more hip club chick. She basically took off a couple of years. The next step for the Crescent Moon click is said that they will move back to their roots of Miami sound. What does that mean? We don’t know yet . Could it also mean a sound of Drum Machines and Latin Percussion’s ala Dr. .Beat 98 . Will it involve a Freestylish sound? That is the only reason this is even being mentioned here.

Now that there is a Grammy up for grabs for next year’s Grammy awards , it seems that everybody from Gloria, Shiana Twain, Madonna, and countless others are jumping to get a lil piece of that market. It seems since most do not know about Underground Garage, the closest thing they can relate it to is 70’s Disco. This causes all the “Superstar Artist” to come up with a friendly modern “Disco” sound . Now , will this make it harder for “Real” Dance artist to get Grammy’s. We will focus on this next month. Major artist are not the only ones jumping on the band wagon. Now the Film industry has also jumped on the wagon. Out in June starts the release of a movie that tries to capture the club scene. It is called “The Last Days Of Disco”. What impact will this have on pop culture? We will have to wait and find out . Be prepared . Now everyone wants a piece of the Dance scene. It is up to the Dance scene to educate the mainstream about the music and have fun while doing it. Better the Dance community educating the public than some greedy ass lawyer who has no idea of what he talks about.

Marc Anthony, a pioneer from the Freestyle movement that is now world famous Salsa legend and Broadway actor, is said to have interest in releasing an album in English. The only thing known about this is that the material for the possible album will be a mixture of ballads and “other things”. He is also said to be working on a track for the movie ” The Mask Of Zorro”.

Jorge A.Ojeda, Miami Pioneer, has a new CD out entitled “Mindscape 2000”. The compilation is a medley of flavors ranging from HipHop and rave influences. This compilation contains cuts such as “Check Out The Jam”, “Jump To It”, and “Come to the rescue” among others. In one of the tracks he even samples one of his own classic Freestyle records , Sound Of Destiny’s “Its All About You”. At the moment the CD will be on Ten-Lion Records .

Freestyle is now starting to collect material from all Freestyle, House, and electronic music labels for the WMIR (World Music Internet Radio). We are looking for both material in English and Spanish. Not only is the material to be used for the WMIR shows, but will also cater to a new radio show transferred from Miami and will air through two radio stations in Honduras that will cover parts of Nicaragua and El Salvador as well. This radio show will be hosted by Freestyle and will reach an audience of Six million or more. The “Discoteca Del Aire” show’s format will be in Spanish but catering the best of old and new Spanish and English Dance music. The show hopes to educate and cater to both the Spanish speaking population as well as for the American population who are stationed there (our armed forces).

Freestyle is a Independent organization who’s main cause is the preservation of Latin HipHop Culture, Freestyle and all Dance Music. Our main cause is to teach about the music and to lead it into the next millenium. We are an organization of Producers , promoters, DJs, writers, etc. Although most other organizations can only write about the music and the industry, we are all directly involved with the music and the Industry. We write for the Industry by the Industry. Most important we write for the people by the people. We are also the same crowds that supported this whole dance music thing before we began in this industry. We were all there when this Freestyle thing began also .We do not forget were we came from. We even know more about some certain people than they know about themselves. We at the moment have plans and want the collaboration of the Public and Industry. We are in search for writers and volunteers across the globe to submit articles and report from their regions. We want experience from those who have it, but are also willing to break in any one who feels they will be of benefit to this Dance music community. Freestylers (Mangorero) preferred, but we also want people with a knowledge of many scenes. We want representatives from House, Drum n Bass, a ill of everything. U.K, Brazil, France, Japan, Australia, Hawaii, etc.

We will support any other organization who has ideas that will support Dance and Freestyle music. As in this time tensions grow within countries like India and Pakistan beefing up and practicing with nuclear bombs, we must all awake and see that we are one global culture and one race as humans.

Music is our voice and way of expression. We hope to hear everybody. Music and love is UNIVERSAL. We hope to teach about everything within that universe . We will be a fulcrum that will cover and report the latest for the Freestyle world that lies within the Dance Music world that lies within the real world. One thing always affects another. We will cover it.

This month’s newsletter is short and sweet . We have learned a lot this month. To see legendary Freestyle artist go back to their roots. We see the interest of labels that are rising in the industry take interest in the Freestyle sound. To see other labels as H.O.L.A have the capability to start something that they are not far from. We notice a Interest like Cynthia (“Como Una Estrella”) and other artist creating more Spanish Dance records or Spanish versions of their records , at the same time watching the Spanish singing artist take interest in singing in English. Most of all Labels support this. Especially the Freestyle Industry. Where will you sell more records, Canada and the Northeast or the major Cities of the U.S were the Latin Population has Tripled adding to the fact with crossover success in Spanish you can sell more records through out Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe. The Freestyle Scene has many advantages.

Also mentioning the large interest of Spanish Freestyle and English Salsa . Who do you think will support this? Who do you think will also support the large Spanish Dance Movement that will boom along with Spanish Freestyle? You got it. The Freestyle Scene. The scene dominated by the second generation.

There is a lot happening and people need to be at the right place at the right time. And the way things are going, everyone is getting into positions. This is a big difference from a couple of years ago when a new generation of fans did not even know that “Spanish People” had anything to do with Freestyle because the people running the Industry of that time rather kept people blinded from the truths and just wanted the “fans” to buy their records.

Now is when the un-originals are getting caught. Remaking every song they did not write and try to pass it as theirs in front of a new Generation. East Coast vs West coast? There is no such things. The only beef between East and West is the Handful of Non-Latinos that continue to remake everybody’s material, not the East Coast. First off no one told the writers of that material Randy Taylor Webber to Charlie Rock Jimenez ( who is now also Metropolitan) to sell or license the song to other producers. It is all their fault. Certain people in the industry will like to see a East Coast West Coast thing because it will keep the Industry divided. It will keep the Newcomers divided, as the ones who have dominated the scene for the past four years make their moves to be on top. The Northeast and Canada are mainly responsible for hyping up quarrels. We are one East and West Coast and everything in Between. We come Black, white, Latino, Filipino, Italian, Persian, Canadian, etc. We are one strong community and no one is going to make us divide. We need unity. We are the Latin HipHop Community: a bombshell of HipHopers, Ravers, Housers, Freestylers who are uniting and experimenting underground sounds to further evolve Music in a freeform fashion.

Everything is in front of everybody. The signs are in presence and will continue to develop. We all know it, while A&R guys at multimillion dollar companies scratch their heads and wonder what to do.

In the meantime my advice to every one is do not snooze. Promote your material. Also enjoy the ride up. It won’t happen over night, but it is happening. Look around!

Thank you every one for writing. Thank you to all the labels who first helped us out . We are growing and you will grow along with us. Xtra special thanks to all those who helped me out when I was at the bottom (I still am) , I owe you all so much when WE get to the top. Above all to the Freestyle Music. Com readers. The only reason you log on to this sight is to be a lil closer to Freestyle. Some of you have dreams to become part of the Freestyle scene as artist, singers, writers, whatever. I understand that this might be your only link to a thing that is a part of you. It is a connection to the past as it is for others the connection to the cutting edge and future in Latin HipHop. I hope you all find a place of tranquility here and continue to know that out here there actually is some people who will risk it all , that there is people who actually care about the music and about people before caring what top ten charts and units sold, did their material exceed ( even though it is nice to sell records). Awards,charts, radio, it all comes and goes, but what will last for eternity is the people and lives that the music has touched. A lot of people do not know what that feels like. Thank you.

To TP Jr. : Happy Birthday.

To Tony Moran : Tony, when you asked me a while back “Who is it that you cater to? Who is your audience? The old crowd or the new crowd?” I told you today’s crowd. I take it back cuz there shouldn’t be a difference as long as they support and keep it alive. Who do I represent? All of them. Who is my crowd? All the purist of Tomorrow! WE are the future! ( just to let you know)

Oh, one more thing ” We Are The Ones” . Remember the verses? To you and to all the “Legends” out there, Don’t Say It If You Don’t mean it. All these people supported you all, now they need all of you to support them and a new generation of artist. They never forgotten about you all, don’t forget about them. Don’t forget about the third, fourth and fifth generations. They are as much important as the second.

by: Jonpito