Issue #8

Community Report

Here we go once again. This month, like different periods this year alone; dance music makes its presence felt through out the world and within the heart of the pop culture of the late 1990’s.

This spaceship has landed. I would like to welcome all new passengers who have not flown with us before. I would also like to welcome back all that have flown with us since the beginning. To insure your safety, remain in your pod until the safety light has been turned off. After light turns off, you are free to be watcha wanna beeeeeeeee. ! WARNING: at times the flight might turn bumpy. If you think you cannot handle it, you should of thought that before you came on board. Then again, some of our passengers are always in a mood for a long bumpy ride.

Freestyle Music.Com will be the one to drive you through this journey. For all the regulars out there, get your Visine and your Tylenol. You all know how I like to throw it down. Can you handle it? I know I can. It is a pleasure to have every one come and come again. Before we get started, there are a few changes going. We will get to that later on this journey.

It’s the MIDEM! No, wait. Do not panic. It is not a monster or anything like that. It is the Midem Latin American & Caribbean music event that takes place yearly at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

This year the event will take place at the Miami Beach convention center and will run from August 25 – 28. Midem’s Miami Dance Event will focus on the development for creating a STRONGER Dance industry, as for creating new opportunities for those with the interest in becoming professionals in the world of Dance music recording ( in other words, cultivating the next Gurus of Clubland).

The Midem is a global event that takes place in Miami and brings in recording industry people from around the world. The Dance event’s purpose is to further evolve Dance music around the globe, since Dance music is a Global and universal culture. OK, price check: Before the 14 of August the price runs at $399 in American currency. After the 14 of August the price stands at $ 467. In U.S. Dollars. Of course this is the price per head. For more info contact 1(212) 689-4220 N.Y, 33(0) 1-41-90-44-60 France, 44(0) 171-528-0086 U.K or Http:// .

Also running is the yearly John Lennon song writing contest directed by Mr. Brian Rothschild. The contest selects the best songs in the categories of Latin, HipHop, Dance, R&B, Rock, Country, Jazz, Pop, world, and children’s. Prizes will be awarded for each of the categories. The song of the year will receive 20,000. Other prizes will include publishing contract, studio equipment, and cash. On the committee of executives we got Junior Vasquez, Jellybean Benitez, George Clinton, Nas, Bjork along side Elton John, Liza Minelli, Judy Collins, and various others. Anyone interested in participating in this contest should keep in mind that all entries should be postmarked no later than August 31,1998. For more info tap into

Now we free our minds, our body and our soul. Starting at the capital of the world ” In New York I fell in love again……..”

In the late 70’s Disco was on top of the world. One major event that played a key in exposing the phenomenon to the world was the ability to capture “Disco” on film. This was achieved with the classic film starring John Travolta, “Saturday Night Fever”. Since the late 70’s “Disco” (Read: dance music characterized by hypnotic rhythm, lyrics or repetitive hooks, and live or electronically produced sounds) have had its ups and downs. Along the years “Disco” has evolved and re-birthed itself in different forms through other genres.

1998 has become a year that Dance music reached a global peak. This has caused more exposure for a scene that has been thriving for over three decades. So much has happened for Dance music this year alone. Beginning with the recognition of being a genre of music now accepted by the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (Naras), due to Ellyn Harris and the Committee for the Advancement of Dance music (CADM) and their work to bring Dance music to light. Because of this, a Dance and Remixer categories have been added to the Grammy status. A breakthrough for “Disco” indeed.

Once again there has been several attempts to capture “Disco” on film. Once again there is only one film that would top all others. Although not capturing the House and Dance of the 90’s, focuses on the lives of some characters that lived within the walls of the discotheque of all discotheque’s: Studio 54.

Although in the late 80’s STUDIO 54 became the fulcrum club in New York for the LATINHIPHOP/FREESTYLE movement, with Little Louie Vega spinning as Judy Torres, Corrina and others burned down the stage as for being one club housing the Freestyle television show “The Latin Connection”, the “54” that most people remember was that one who united the world of Gays and straights, blacks, Latino, and whites, and rich and poor.

From the Mark Christopher film “54” starring Salma Hayek , Ryan Phellippe, Sela Ward , Brecken Meyer, and Sherry Stringfield, comes the two volume soundtrack containing the original classic 70’s Disco anthems. Vol. 1 (Red Cover) contains the falsetto of all falsetto’s Sylvester’s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” (compare the vocal work to Byron Stingly’s version. It is identical), “Keep On Dancing” by Gary’s Gang, “Native New Yorker” by Odyssey”, Candi Staton’s “Young Hearts Run Free”, “Knock On Wood” by Mary Grifin, Destination’s “Move On Up” and other jams from Diana Ross, Dan Hartman, Rose Royce, and others. Volume 2 (Blue Cover) includes Thelma Houston’s “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, Gonzalez’s “Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet”, Santa Esmeralda’s “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” (The song that the Latin Rascals, Tony Moran and Albert Cabrera, turned into a classic Freestyle scorcher), and other material from Grace Jones, GQ, Blondie, and others.

Found on volume two is a cut that stands out from the rest of the cuts found on this two set soundtrack. We have three important figures in today’s “Disco” scene that represent the three major pop/vocal genres that have kept both the underground and the mainstream burning. Ultra Nate (House/garage), Amber (Euro Dance and Hi NRG), and Jocelyn Enriquez (FREESTYLE). Here they come together and tear it up with “If You Could Read My Mind”. The soundtrack is SSSSSSS Hot! Found on Tommy Boy.

While on the subject of Tommy Boy, we will hold the Jocelyn, Cynthia, George Lamond and everything that has to do with Timber! Records for next Month (or until the new material gets in), but we do have news that the long awaited four volume compilation entitled “The Perfect Beat” will be out on shelves by August 25. (Hopefully they won’t stay on the shelves. That usually happens when they do not get the proper promotion). “The Perfect Beats” is a compilation of early 80’s Electro funk and early Freestyle. This will be Timber’s second compilation set after the 10 volume “Freestyle’s Greatest Beats”. Hopefully by September everyone could pick up a copy or have one in hand.

Jumping over to Tommy Boy Silver, the division that will focus on underground dance music. Out now is Hypertrophy’s ” Beautiful Day” (boy if you don’t have this on your tables then you are looooosing it). ” Beautiful Day” comes in its various versions. The original mix holds a Trance/House feel that builds up through out the record. It lifts you to an atmospheric height as bells start ringing in the backspace.

Meanwhile we have a male vocal repeating “What a beautiful Day, I Love When It Feels this Way”, that should feel tantalizing in the ears of the ocean floors of party boys and clubland’s loudest crowds.

Tank’s (Tank who? Just kidding) remix holds more like a Hard house type beat before flipping into a more trancey side. Overall this version has a much heavier feel, making your feet stick to the ground instead of letting your body go into a floating position. The “Beautiful Day” phrase is slowed down, but the bells are still present. This version is also tempting; it’s hard to choose. Then there is “Just Come Back To me” where it begins with choppy House type beats then it drops into a breakdown and the synths start working their way up before dropping into a trance/house state. Hands will definitely be up in the air as the DJ spins this one.

Jumping over to the Kosmonova mix provided by M.Nehrig, turns into a trance/house version similar to the original version. Instead the “Beautiful Day” phrase is replaced with the “Come Back To Me” phrase.

Finally we got the Juniorverse remix which contains a more tribal feel to it, as well as drum rolls and bells. This is definitely for more deep underground house sets. This version could also be used in Tribal and Latin House sets as well. This record has been brought to you by Stefan Heinemann & Thorrsten “DJ Thoka” Kaiser for Ty-phon music productions.

Ok, by now we should have someone saying, “That’s not Freestyle” Why are we writing about House records? We write about anything. We can do that. We rather type about a House record that is going places along with the hard working people behind these projects, rather than people who are all that talk and no action and seem not interested in going anywhere.

Miami has been a City that has always had its contributions to Dance music. In House music Miami has had Danny Tenaglia (he used to spin at Cheers), Murk, Rupaul, and so many other talented artist , DJs, and Labels.

Now Miami has a new Face. The indie label called Madrugada, which also means “The Dawn: as in when the sun starts to rise”. If there has been anybody searching for the next chic who might be able to compete vocally against India, when it comes to House /Garage, you should not overlook this girl right here.
She goes by the name of AJA. AJA,originally from “DA Bronx”, has been mentioned several times in many other media circles. Unfortunately with the same space that talented artist have to share with artist that produce “Filler and meaningless” records, this record has not been seen as much as it should have. We have this month “Pantalones”. Now before anybody stereotypes this record because it has a Spanish tittle, it is not a Latin House record nor holds the Latin House sound.

If anything it has the capability to cross over to the Spanish market along side other International house records such as Mexico’s Patti Manterolla’s “Nina Bonita”.

Written by David Alvarado, Aja, Bill Lucas and Erick Paredes, this record is driven by a Disco/House groove. Aja lays down her soul full vocals over the beats, as the bass guitar starts funking it up. The verses are in English but the main phrases are in Spanish as where Aja sings ” Quitame Los Pantalones” (Take off my pants). This is followed by an Instrumental version that only holds the main chorus and is perfect for underground Garage sets. It definitely holds a much deeper groove than the original and Radio Version. On the B side of the record there is the E-Funk remix. What this remix holds is a good tight beat that also holds a trance/House mood while Aja states “Do You Want My Body?” (I love this, it is reminiscent of Sandee’s speech found on her “Notice Me” Casa version). This is also followed by an instrumental. The only vocal work found here is a verse “I’m On Fire”; which is also found on other parts of the record. This record is worth it. This record is good and we do recommend it. The label is Madrugada and it is driven by David Alvarado (one of the most hard working people in the Miami area) and Bill Lucas. For more info contact Madrugada Music @ (305) 538-3712.

“There, there goes that sound. There goes that sound, again and again. Again and again.”

But let’s just get to the Freestyle and all the stuff we usually cover. We do have more House and Dance records that need to be written about, but we are not going to touch some of them (in this issue).

Now let’s take it to the West Coast.

DJ Juanito has a compilation out now called “DJ Juanito Presents The House Party Freestyle Vol. 2” It’s cool. It contain material from (that new girl) Alexis “Feel My Love”, “Just Let Go”, ” You Are The One”, Spanish Fly’s “I Can See”, Stephanie Fastro’s “When I Hear The Laughter”, and Angelina and Lina Santiago material. Check it out on the Navarre tip.

Thump Records is also in the spot light this month. Thump records has been throwing Freestyle compilations for a while now. In the early part of the Decade the label had been one of the key forces in supporting Freestyle in the West Coast. The label also stood side by side with the Go-Lo Entertainment people who threw down the biggest Low rider show concerts supporting Freestyle and Dance acts.

This month Thump records has out “Freestyle Explosion”. The compilation has the all ready popular records that every body knows. What is good about this compilation is that it also has some classic tracks that have been hard to find these days. Nu-Shooz “I Can’t Wait” ( Nu-Shooz also has another classic track called “Point Of No Return”, look out for that if you are interested), Genuine Parts (Hmmmmm, I wonder were they are from?) ” Did It Feel Like Love” (Man this takes me back. Skipping Math class and lighting a fat one. ” Did It Feel like Love? Did It Feel Like Love to you?”. Genuine parts also has another classic record “I Don’t Care For You” (I Don’t care for You, I Don’t care For You No more, I don’t care for you) go- ahead, Marimbero days). Another track that can be found on this compilation is Nancy Martinez’s ” For Tonight” Talk about REAL Freestyle records. You should all pick this up, especially the younger crowds. Learn what true Freestyle sounded like.

Last, from the West Coast this month is Angela Martinez. Angela Martinez was mentioned last month and she is all up in here again. She brings us “My Heart Is Here”, a cut written by Angela herself and the producer of the record, Slammin Sam Maxion. The record comes in three basic versions. The Freestyle/TripHop version called “The Wild Party Mix”, The Traditional Old School sound found on the “Universal Latin Mix” and the High NRG mix that is called ” Global Ride Mix”. There is also a dub of the “Wild Party Version”. This record is cute. Angela’s vocals are soft, but it is a trip when she hits those high notes when she bust out with the main line “My Heart Is HERE, Don’t Go Away”. No but really, the record is straight. Addicting after you hear it a couple of times.

Who’s Next? Who’s Next?

Oh, ok. Priority records has out now “The Best Of Freestyle Volume 2” on there Shut Up And Dance Series. What can we find here? Well, the most popular songs from George Lamond, Coro, Expose and many others. I do not need to be specific on the material because by now everybody who reads this should now what to expect. (I only wonder why people do not put more records like Trilogy’s “Red Hot” and “Latin Love” and C-Banks “Perfect” on their compilations, rather than the same old stuff).
Look it is Trinere. If you do not know about Trinere and you are a Freestyle freak, then you are lost. If Stevie B was the King Of Miami, this is the queen of Miami Freestyle.

Back in the day Trinere hooked up with “Pretty” Tony Butler and spawned many scorching records that bumrushed the streets of Miami, as well as the clubs. Well not only Miami, but all over the world also. She was known to hold that “Pretty” Tony sound on her records. That sound was an Electro funk/ high energy sound that was called Freestyle after “Pretty” Tony popularized the term with another group and record, Freestyle Express’s “Don’t Stop The Rock”.

Now in the late 90’s with Freestyle music back on track with it’s new Electro form (Acosta, Fever Express, Jocelyn, etc.), “Don’t Stop The Rock” has had an uplift and could be found in underground joints. However there were other records that had been remade along with some unseen material. Trinere made her come back about a couple of years ago with a remake of Debbie Deb’s “When I Hear Music” which really did not do as well. It did not top the original. This was followed by an album called “Celebrating 10″which was overlooked. It is only now, two years later, that some of the unseen cuts on this record are beginning to be heard in Freestyle radio shows and clubs.

On the Trinere album “Celebrating 10″ one can find some House, ballads, and of course Freestyle. Here we find all her classics ” Ill’ Be All You Ever Need”, “All Night”, “I Know You Love Me”, “How Can We Be Wrong”, and “Can’t Stop The Beat” along with other material like her version of “When I hear Music”. The stand out here of course is one of the overlooked tracks that are now popping up in radio shows called “I Want You To Want Me”. Basically if you like Lissete Melendez’s “Time Passes By”, then you will probably like this cut. The album is still out there and distributed through Warlock.

Since we are now on the topic of overlooked records. There have been a lot of overlooked records spanning from the last two years. From now on there will be at least one overlooked record per issue of this newsletter. The reason is that there have been to many good records that have had a lot of people who worked hard on them, but were overlooked or stereotyped and never given the chance. Also there are a lot of radio stations that are willing to pick up some of this material but do not know of its existence.

In this months case there is a record found on Interhit records called “Sinful Wishes” by Outta Control. The team behind this project is Barry Harris, Rachid, B.Mitchell , The Boomtang Boys, The Stickmen, & DJ EFX. Every one had their own mix and ranged from House, Hi-Nrg and Euro Dance. But the reason this record is mentioned here is because there is a Freestyle mix included. The Flashback mix is the Freestyle mix provided by Ernesto and Arturo with edits by Chris Cox. The song is good; the beats are similar to those found on TKA’S ” Give Your Love To Me”. The synths are updated giving it that updated sound found in trance and Triphop records.

The vocals are slamming, they kick ass. The chorus is basically “I go to bed with sinful wishes, I go to sleep with sinful wishes of you”. See, now I know many can relate to this record. Most of Freestyle readers are not saints. One thing is for sure, with the edits found on this record someone is going to get hurt. Watch out.

Ok now I am going to get into the good stuff.

Out of Miami comes a label by the name of “Give me A 5”. This month the label sends us a nice lil number called “I love Miami” by Libra. The record is direct in letting people know that someone loves Miami, which is good because in Miami there is a lot to love. The style of the record fits within the TripHop and House arena. It brings a couple of mixes and overall is very good. Lately the “I Love Miami” tune can be heard occasionally on Miami’s new channel, WAMI. For more info call (305) 639-2525.

Out now is a new record from Miami based label , well it is really based in Ft.Lauderdale, TMK records. Tara Z ‘s “Feel My Desire” ,which is said to soon become popular on radio, will soon be found in club circuits. Tara Z will be performing in several south Florida clubs including South Beach’s Cameo theater.

The record holds a classic Dance structure of Freestyle and House elements.

If you have a copy of the Teaz II Pleaz “Games Of Love ” you are lucky. The 12″ is a limited edition. “Games Of Love” is a TripHop/Freestyle record with a heavy Miami influence. A good track to have for your DJ collection. On lead vocals is the voice of Hilda Marie, who has plans to go into the Spanish market with a new album. Ten Lion records is now owned and operated by Marlene Ten.

Ten Lion records has recently been involved in a project that involves other Miami based Freestyle companies such as Detour Records, Magic Apple, and others. More of this on Next Issue.

Detour Records will soon release the scorching “I Need A Rhythm” By The R&H- Project. “I Need A Rhythm” is a bumrush acidic Neo flavored nugget that should not have a problem being added to Funky Trip Hop Mixes. This record is wicked. In the mean time Mike Diangelo, who handled promotions for the company, is no longer working at that label. Gerald Godbout will now handle that.


This next record almost killed me. I was driving and another car almost hit me, because I was paying more attention to the radio. I then called a friend who could find out everything I needed to know about this record. All I got is Rene. Since then, let me say that it is a small world.

The record that should be on the radio and is presently on turntables around the country is Rene’s “This Time”. Here he is giving it all that he gots. The record is in the Mona-Q/Jocelyn Enriquez hybrid, holding a powerful male vocal. One would think that it came from the U.K along with other records like “Hear the Drummer” by the Cotton Club. No, this record is from Miami and has Frank Lord’s (Secret Society and Latin Express) behind production.

There are two versions to this record, a TripHop/Neo-Freestyle version and an Euro/House dance version. The label is ALABAST3R and is driven by William Tejeiro and Jason Martinez. We will take a closer look at Rene and Alabast3r records next month. (Oh by the way, Jason- Happy B-day).

(” Working it to the Bone…”…. I had to throw that in there, It’s my favorite line.)

Next we got Trip Theory Up In here once again. This time with a different album called “Something For Your Mind”. Trip Theory is none other than Dann Warren and Keith Rosenberg. Keith is also the one who recently produced Nyasia’s “Shake It To The Rhythm” and Douby’s “Is It Real Love” found on the “Total Ritmo” compilation distributed by the same label that is distributing this album here, INTERSOUND.

We have some serious Funk here. Pure Electro found on many of the cuts found here. Check out the highlights of this: “In A Zone”, “Keep Steppin”, the slamming “Something For Your Mind”, “You Are Being Taken”, Bro some of this shit is the bomb. Now see, by listening to many of the cuts found here, you can tell that there is a strong Miami influence present (Freestyle, Bass, and ElectroFunk). Definitely the sound of today, tomorrow and the future.

Well whatever people want to call this “Electronica” thing, one thing is for sure, and it is not fading. Out now is also a compilation of Electro-Breakbeats, Trip Hop, freestyle or whatever it is you wanna call it. We have” Electro Dance Mix” by Max Music & Ent that contains E-N’s “That Sound”, Orlando’s Friction & Spice’s ” Get Down To The Funky Beat”, Noel W. Sanger’s “All We Are”, Keoki’s “Caterpillar” (the Rabbit In The Moon/ Crystal Method Disco 2000mix), material from Planet Soul, DJ Icey, Angelina and more. Some of this material has been out for a while, but it is good to let people know about all these compilations that throw it like it should be thrown. Mix it all together and pump up that Funk.

Now the last thing we will have for today is Butter Kid. We got some Drum n Bass for your ass. Massive is not the word to describe this. No not Bukem or the golden boy, we have from the north (New York) Duke Mushroom. The CD is called” Duke Mushroom presents MELLOWTRON drum-n-basics”. Now, before anybody pulls out the mentholathum, beware cuz this shit alone, well, you should find out for yourself.

Can you handle “Underground”, “Welcome to the Pressure of the Night, or “The Pressure (part Two)”? Then you can handle the rest. This is really for the heads that like the hard skills. The album was produced by Duke Mushroom and Samski Hallander. Need more info on this or other productions? Dip into and . This is also distributed by Intersound.

We are almost out of here for this month. Most of the material mentioned here could also be found at the WMIR radio shows in the coming weeks, if not up there already. Also we will be bringing in the live shows, and pre recorded shows.(So let me get this. If it is 4 PM in Miami, what time will someone in Japan have to get up Just to listen? This global thing got me freaked).

We also have some changes. Many years ago Miami and New York were the lifeblood of the classic Freestyle era. Since then Freestyle has been implanted in different regions and has touched many different populations around the world. Although I will continue to bring recognition and representation to the core stone of Latin HipHop/Dance, I myself and others at this page have recruited an army of other writers that will report specifically on their regions. I Introduce Arturo Arreola , who will write “Desde La Bahia”. This will be a column where people in the Spanish and west Coast world could check out material in the Spanish language. This is in hopes to relate to the international market as well.

Next we got R. Sangiovanni from Texas who will write his article “Freestyle In Texas”. It will be a place where you can learn more about the Texas Scene and all about the artist, Labels, and events that happen there.

Then We Got Raul D’ablainc who will write his “Studio Report” which will cover everything from production, song writing, promotion and several key factors that people need to know about the production process.

And last and certainly not the least I introduce to the West, East, And South the wicked niche of the north. The “CHILLIN SICILIAN” who can sizzle like frying Canadian Bacon. Miss thing has it going on in Canada right now. At the moment she redid and is promoting the Spanglish version of Paradisio’s “Bailando”. The record is eating up areas in Canada. This EX-Metropolitan- EX-Ti Amo Artist came up to me and explained that she was sick and tired of people not respecting Canada as well as Canada not doing its best to cultivate quality artist. ” There are a lot of good Canadian singers out there, but they are not seen. Especially when you have lil girls who have dads with big pocket books opening doors for their daughter’s. There is another scene in Canada. It is a multiracial scene with a Latino, Black, Italian, Greek, and French following. Unfortunately the majority is over looked because they do not carry that
“Canadian Image”, especially in Canadian Freestyle which some are trying to keep it as it is. I am Italian and proud, but something is wrong when I see all the people around me and I see some get preference before others despite talent” states Elissa. “There is a lot to do here in Canada. We need to grow. A lot of the things said on this site are true, I cannot argue with that. I want to do for Canada, what you are doing for the Freestyle in the U.S”. Indeed Elissa has shown interest in growth. She seems to really care about the Canadian scene and I personally think that she could serve as an inspiration to the younger crowds. This girl here is definitely the Future of Canada and is going to be one of Canada’s and Freestyles future top women Producers. To contact Elissa you can E-mail her at Check out Elissa’s Freestyle In Canada Report. Elissa1

Well people that is it. Get the hell off my ship. In the mean time I hope everyone likes the little piece on WILMA COSME, or should I say Wilma Diaz? Hmmm. Wilma. Now where have I heard that name before? Oh snap the Flintstones! Well it matches cuz the girl knows how to ROCK. I am talking About SAFIRE.

Before I go I have one thing to say. I wake up every morning and Dance music is my sunshine. It keeps me alive through out the day. Before I go to sleep I always have someone’s record spinning in my head. It has been this way for me.It is necessary for us because within the music itself I experience pain. I experience Joy. I experience so many things. Sometimes things that I cant even describe myself. I see the music in the atmosphere above the clouds. I feel it when the sun comes down as well as it always rises. I used to be so materialistic and believed that if you were not cool enough or you did not have money, that you were worthless in this life.

I learned to respect nature, to walk as one with this earth I walk on. I learned to love. I went through my hell and back and met a lot of people along the way and I learned so much from so many of them. Some people might not know them because out there are some assholes that run this Industry the way I used to be and the way I used to think. Unfortunately there have been so many who have had been overlooked and forgotten because they were not cool enough or they did not have enough money in their accounts. They in reality were the lifeblood of this music industry. They kept it going. They kept it alive and some took it with them when they vanished this earth. Others today are still struggling in many different forms. I know them because I now feel their pain and share the same dreams they do. Some one said to me in a conversation if I Die, please, please Keep my memory or my record alive or something”. That I will carry that in my heart for the rest of my life. Besides people knowing about yesterday’s artist, it is also important for them to know about the people who also had the heart in this industry, whether it is in promotion, singing, writing producing etc. People need to know about the ARTIE JACOBS and the CHEP NUNEZ or the DAVID COLES out there. Everyone who had the heart for something.

Some of these people carry out their love in different forms. Some even to risk themselves in something that people might see as wrong, like micro radio (Underground stations). Most of the people who run such operations act out of their love to bring joy and laughter to the masses. They know that life is a bitch and that people need that release. Others do it to help out their community, as in helping the American Red Cross collect blood when there is a shortage at the blood bank or collect toys for orphans when X-mas is near.

There is always a Powerful force that finds excuses and uses them against the weak when the small and weak become a threat (especially when ratings count). As of the last week of July 98 the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) with help from people in the Miami area, made a massive sweep of all Micro radio stations. This sweep was one of the biggest compared to other sweeps of the past. Before they issued warnings. Now they come and take everything and threaten to stick people in jail. All small stations that supported Dance music in the Miami area have been shut down. The only stations in Miami that occasionally plays Dance music are two commercial stations and Black radio. One of those stations throws Freestyle concerts here and there, but they do it for popularity not because they like the music. Some staff members of this station also make fun of artist that popularized Freestyle like Cynthia or Johnny O. All I can say is that opinions vary.

Indeed. It is not fare for commercial stations to be paying taxes and for others to be making money and not paying a dime. But there were so many who were not in it for the money. They played the music that the people wanted to hear. That was all. They wanted to create opportunities for the underprivileged because the down trotted do not always have a THOUSAND DOLLARS TO SLIP UNDER THE TABLE every time they want their record played. (I HOPE IN GODS NAME THAT THE FCC STARTS INVESTIGATIONS ON PRACTICES LIKE THAT) It cannot be proven, but everyone knows that some individuals are doing it and the stations that they work for have no CLUE.

I personally have no personal loss. Just the fact to know that Miami Radio sucks. I know that some day things are going to change, especially with new corporations that are rising up now and are interested in the Broadcasting franchise. Most who are involved are “Disco whores” like myself hiding behind suits and leather briefcases.

There is a petition going around and could be found on a website that aims towards the FCC to Finally give licenses to Micro Radio stations. There are a lot of politics involved, but one major part that should cause an impact is the participation of the public. I encourage many to link into that site, investigate and take part. Your voice needs to be heard. Why should the wealthy only be the ones to provide broadcasting to communities that they themselves do not support or relate to?

Click Here to learn more about petition.

I want to dedicate this issue to all the people who take risks in something that they believed in because they loved it. I also want to dedicate this issue to all the small Miami stations who have kept Underground Dance music (especially Freestyle) pumping in the streets the way it used to be. Dance 99.5, The Vibe 93.5, Fever 91.7, The Womb 107.1 (Duncan and the rest of the gang), and to all the other Haitian, Christian, and other community radio stations that tried to pass a message or just spread a lil sunshine.

The Radio is dead, but the music, the people; the culture is stronger and will always be around.

In the lives of many, Music is all they have.

At the end, light always shines through the darkness.

I want to thank every one who has supported this Internet Magazine, as well as everyone who writes me. At times I get tied up and cannot attend the e-mails. But I do hear what people have to say and I got mad love for all of you. DJ Kid Klass, Robert Fernandez (I hope you like your Latin Rascals Album), Carolyn and everyone else.

Tito JR, we are happy to hear all that you have planed. Break a leg (and a thumb) on your new Freestyle release on Prymetyme/excess records. Mickey Garcia, what can we say? A one-man army. When are you really going to stop selling Houses and go back to the FREE land? We are always looking out, thanx.

Sal Abbatiello, you will always be a fun person to play Phone tag with. Mike Hernandez, forget it, ill tell you over the phone. Also do not keep them Brits on phone/hold for too long. JJJJJAAAASSSOOONNN Martinez, I wish you the best on your records and hope you have a slammin ass B-day. Will, and Alabas3r. Throw it down “ONE MORE TIME”.

by: Jonpito