Hello Ceres, how are you?
I’m fine, thank you!

It’s a real pleasure to conduct your first interview for a Freestyle web site/ magazine. Thank you very much for accepting this interview.
You are welcome. My pleasure.

Could you introduce yourself?
I was born in Italy (Sicily). I spent my childhood in a little village with my grandparents. Currently I live in Germany and I am working in the IT for a hardware producing company.
Where does the name Ceres come from?
I have been always interested in Greek mythology. Ceres was a goddess. A little clumsy just like me. 😉

Why did you decide to move from Italy to Germany? Is it only because of your singing career, or maybe for personal reasons?
My parents decided to move to Germany in 1986 in the hope of finding a job and a better life. The situation in Sicily was not good at all at this time. It proved to be the right decision for all of us.

How did you get in touch with Snark Music Productions and Flic Flac Records who produced and distributed all your songs, and most importantly, believed in you?
I started up as a background singer for MC. G. Gabriel. At some point of time I was offered the great opportunity for my own project with Snark Music Productions. This is my record “Ceres” which was published by Flic Flac Records.

How and when did get involved in music?
I was 11 years old when I recorded my first LP. My first song was an Italian song “Alla mia etá”– “At my age”. That was a super experience. Even now, recording a new song, I still think about that time.

Ceres, I want to know more about your first album? What kind of music was it? And why did you decide to release this LP at the age of 11 years old?
It was a song competition for kids and the winners were invited to the recording studios to record the winning song. All the winning songs were published on a LP Compilation.
What do you really know about Freestyle music?
Usually, the lyrics are romantic. Not that political. There is a positive, optimistic message and atmosphere. And overall, cool is really the beat and sound itself. Very individual. I like this music and it gives me one more opportunity to express myself. Even I have to admit that this is not everyone’s music. But maybe with my songs I can reach and inspire more people in their daily life – and that’s what music is a lot about. JWhat his your personal definition of Freestyle music?
For me Freestyle is an another word for Liberty, the Liberty to create music.

When and where did you hear Freestyle music the first time?
The first experience was in a Disco at the end of the eighties.

Even if you never forget your Freestyle fans, you seem to orient your career toward Dance music/Euro Dance? For instance, in your two singles “Inside to outside” and “Open your eyes” there is a bunch of Euro and Dance versions, and only one or two Freestyle mixes? Is it a personal decision or a mutual decision taken with the label and the producers?
Why did you make this choice?
It was a mutual decision with the producers of Snark Music and myself. The intention was to reach and interest also the public who normally does not listen to Freestyle music and to provide a broader range of different styles.

In which musical style do you feel more comfortable? And why?
I have no typical style. I love music in general; therefore I sing different styles for different fans. That is why the variety on the album “Deep from my heart” is so big. To reach as many people and bring joy.

Thanks to your first single “Inside to outside” (released in 2000), you gained an incredible notoriety in Italy, Germany, Canada and other countries. Why did you decide to launch your career with Lady’s Violet hit?
In 2000, some producers in Italy had covered that song (“Inside to outside” by Lady Violet) already and it was a no.1 hit in the Italian charts. In Germany however the Cover version of Lady Violet was not so well known and therefore Snark Music Productions decided to cover it again for the German market. Surprisingly the Cover version of Ceres became known and very popular far beyond the German region.

How did you react when you saw that many people really enjoyed your first single “Inside to outside”?
It was a great and satisfying feeling to experience. To see/feel people loving my music is the best in return from fans.
Last September, your first full-length album “Deep from my heart” was out in Germany. Could you tell us how and when the project was born?
We started to work first on the single “Inside to outside”. This version also contained the bonus track “Open your eyes” in addition. Meanwhile, we went on producing songs and suddenly got to know that “Open your eyes” really grew to a hit in Canada. This is probably why also the song got more known/famous in Germany. Thus, we produced a remix of the song and Flic Flac Records published the Single “Open your eyes”. Distributed by Sony Music. Three weeks later the album “Deep from my Heart” was completed and published now in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Canada.

How long did it take to release this album?
In total, we worked on the album over a period of 3 years from the first song until the album was accomplished.

Why did you release your fist album only now?
Well, we just did not want to produce another album for mass market. We wanted to produce music that a lot of people would like. And then, finally we had the feeling that this was good music and would be successful.
What was your reaction and feeling when you got the album CD in your hands?
I sure was very happy. Very satisfied after this long a period. Finally, there was the result of all the persons work and you really could see it, touch it, feel it and best…. listen to it. So, here is what I did: I went to a CD shop, searched for MY/OUR piece of work, went to the shop-assistant and asked him if it would be possible to give this new CD a try. Of course, my intention was to find out if he would recognize me! Imagine how proud I was, he did!

Are you happy and satisfied with the final result?
I’m very satisfied, very happy. No doubt!

If you could only use three adjectives to describe your album, what would it be?
= fresh
= emotional
= crazy

Do you have any anecdote to tell about the recording of this album?
Oh, yes… there was one situation I remember. That was during the vocal coaching with the Spanish language teacher. He was trying to demonstrate to me how I was supposed to sing in his language. His singing was so awful that the whole team was almost rolling on the floor laughing. Over and over again. I mean, he is not a singer, but he really gave his best! Maybe I could give him a little lesson, too.

Could you tell us a little bit more about DJ Pasi, Lemos Rodrigues Nelson, MC. G. Gabriel who wrote the lyrics and composed the music on most of your songs?
They are very important personalities for me and for my carrier. They are not only my producers and songwriters, but also my personal friends and the most important for me is: they believe in me!!!

How did you meet them and why did you decide to work with them?
At that time, there was the wish to make a new kind of music, and these seemed to be the right people to work with. And now I’m very happy to be able to work with this excellent team.

You did two duets (“Dancing with an angel” & “Self Control”) with MC. G. Gabriel. Is it difficult to sing with somebody? How did you work on both these duets?
Not difficult at all. A real interesting experience and joy to sing with him. Our voices just fit to each other.
How was it to sing those two remakes? Why did you choose those two songs as remakes? Any other remakes that you would love to sing? It was a lot of fun to remake both songs. These songs recalled feelings out of the past. What will be done next is my secret. 😉

Which artist you would love to do a duet with?
Stevie B. or Sting.

Are there any producers that you would love to work with in the future? I am now pretty happy with the producers of Snark Music Productions.

You have an incredible and lively way to sing whatever the musical style. Where does this energy and passion come from?
This is so me! That is the fire of my Italian soul. I sing with all my soul and heart “Deep from my heart”. When I sing, I feel like being in an another world.

Your album is titled “Deep from my heart”. Is it because everything you do (musically talking) comes deep from your heart?
Exactly. How do you know?? 😉

Shhhh…I just know! LOL

What is your main goal into the music industry, and most particularly in Freestyle music?
To place a No. 1 Hit in the charts! And to get Freestyle more popular on the scene.

Who have been your main influences in Freestyle music?
Stevie B.
Johnny O.
Lil’ Suzy

What is your “all time favorite” Freestyle song? Why?
Johnny O. – Fantasy Girl. It’s a really good love song.

What is your “all time favorite” Freestyle producer? Why?
SNARK of course! No question. We are a great, strong and creative team. And so much fun working together.

What is your “all time favorite” Freestyle remixer/DJ”? Why?
My favorite remixer is DJ Pasi, an anonymous work-a-holic and Beatmaster.

What is your “all time favorite” Freestyle female singer”? Why?
My favorite Freestyle female singer is Lil’ Suzy. Her music and her voice make her songs very special. So much harmony!

What is your “all time favorite” Freestyle male singer”? Why?
My favorite Freestyle male singer is Stevie B., because his voice is pure soul and his songs are brilliant.

What do you think of the German Freestyle scene and market?
It’s great that there are people interested in this music in a way that they dedicate themselves to produce this music. Thus we keep it going on and on!

How is the market out there? Is Freestyle music famous in Germany?
Here in Germany Freestyle is mainly played in Clubs. It is an insider style of music and the fans are special people.

Do you have any particular message to give to the Freestyle community and to your fans from all around the world?
Keep on listening and producing Freestyle music! Your support is my greatest pleasure!

What advice or message would you give to future artists?
The most important is to keep on fighting and believing in your ability. Because only then will your dreams come true.

Good Luck!!!

What are your favorite hobbies?
I like to draw and talk with friends. I also spend a lot of time phoning with my mom.
If you have to describe yourself in a few lines, what would say about you?
I am quite a sensitive character but at same time I have a very strong personality. Criticizing with myself, sometimes a little moody, crazy – in my music but also in my private life. I love to be close to my family and the warmth/support they give me. I really like to go shopping with my younger sister. And I love when my boy-friend and I have some time together. Surprises! I love surprises! If all my friends and family are feeling good – I do, too.

Anything else you want to talk about?

What’s left to say is only once again thanks to all who worked with me, supported me and trusted me. Big, big thank!

Thank you very much Ceres. I wish you all the best for the future and especially for your first album.
Well, I thank you, Francis!! The pleasure was on my side. It was really nice to meet you. Take care. See you next time?! Ciao 😉

Interview by Francis Tanneur