Music Reviews 1


by: Francis Tanneur
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Score: 4 stars

Beware that name: The Mixtress (a.k.a. Janelle Tsujiuchi). With this CD, she has just entered Freestyle world with stunning style. Fully mixed with talent and professionalism, this medley includes prestigious artists, like Stevie B’s “Spring Love”, Nocera’s “Summertime, summertime”, Monet’s “Do you remember”, Buffy’s “Give me a reason”, Rochelle’s “Playing for an angel”, Jossette’s “In a dream”… You’ll also enjoy the instrumental interludes (“Stress beats”, “23 purple beats”, etc.) who give to the record the very personal touch of a DJ queen, advocating a somewhat female alter ego of Albert Cabrera (on his Thump n’ Freestyle Quick Mixx vol. 1 & 2).

So far, it’s just a pity that the Stephanie Castro’s and Acid Factor’s titles slow the rhythm of this most impressive debut album.

SERRANI: “’Til the end of time” (12 inch) EPICENTER RECORDS

Score: 4 stars

When you listen to her first single, the career of this young artist promises to be long and lasting. With her powerful Electro oriented Bass beats, melodious keyboards and her crystal voice, Serrani’s song really is an original masterpiece. On Serrani mix and Mark’s bonus breakdown will enjoy one of the greatest Electro Funk sample: Planet Patrol’s “Play at your own risk”.

A judicious purchase not to be missed.

SAINT: “Someone” (12 inch) PRYME TYME RECORDS

Score: 4 stars

Drawn from beautiful compilation “Freestyle a new dimension in tyme vol.1″, “Someone” has a New School sound with a slightly Latin touch and an easy to memorize chorus that makes you feel like dancing. On the B-side, three songs (“Stand by my love”, “No puedo vivir sin ti” and the acappella of “I keep on trying”) of the very talented Freddy Lopez from the excellent album “Tu jugaste con mi amor”. Buy it before it sells out!

TRIBE: “Don’t tease me” / “I can’t live without you” (12 inch) METROPOLITAN RECORDING CORPORATION

Score for “I can’t live without you”: 3 stars

Score for “Don’t tease me”: No stars

If you are a Planet Rock sound lover (like me) I highly recommend to listen first the “I can’t live without you” Extended Free mix. This single will keep on echoing for a long time in your head.

But “Don’t tease me” is a particularly unbearable and taste less Euro Dance track from the very beginning. Keep out.


Score: 3 stars

Produced by Adam Marano, this new Rockell song sounds much more like a VIPER 7 production than her previous hit breaking singles “I fell in love” and “In a dream”. However, the quality is much higher with Adam Marano’s new found inspiration. This duet (with Collage) is going on very well and you willfully appreciate this record once you have listen to it several times. Worth to be purchased.


Score: 4 stars

You can buy this record without second thoughts. It’s a wonderful compilation where you will find 14 tracks (all in maxi versions) of one of the most prolifical Miami’s label: Tea II Pleaz’s “I was the One”, Nardy’s “Without your Love”, Robb Giovan’s “Tonight”, Felix’s “Don’t cry over me” are few of these pearls.

Some never-heard-before track, like “Games of love” by Mara, “Don’t leave me” by Equifax, are perfect examples of what Freestyle could be when one has is brain on. A splendid return to the Latin Hip-Hop style and Miami sound of the eighties. It was time! TEN-LION RECORDS, the only label that make you groan with pleasure.


Score: 4 stars

This marvelous compilation (come back, don’t be afraid) includes all tracks, from the beginnings of Ventura International ’til today, of one of the greatest Freestyle artisan: Atilla C. Uyanik.

After a four-years absence, “The Turkishman” is returning in top shape, proposing as tuning collection of 18 tracks, in pure Latin Hip-Hop tradition (bundled with the Planet Rock sound). He reunited, for our pleasure, all the productions from his Ventura’s years (Leticia’s “Why do you treat me badly”, Tears on Edge’s “And the Music”, Sincere Emotion’s “Trust in me”, Larry Dermer’s “Memories of you”, Holly Cole’s “Don’t Tell me you love me”, Frankie Boy’s “My Precious love” and Atilla’s “Want to Love”) and you’ll be invited to discover new tracks, mainly Planet Rock oriented, that will baffle you. An emergency record.


Score: 4 stars

A nice way of rediscovering all the hits that made the Michael J. Astorga and Jose Rodriguez’s (a.k.a. Pure Pleazure) reputation. This compilation marks a certain return to humble beginnings for this talented duet, signing on the very label that housed them, back in 1992, where they signed their “When Will you come back to me” (presented on the CD). You will also have the pleasure of listening to some oldies like “Bring me back”, “In and Out of Love”, “Only you”, “Hold me in the dark”, “You are the one”… What? Don’t you have them all already? Go back fetch this CD!

2 A.M.: “Waiting for this moment” (CD album) N.S.P RECORDS / HOT PRODUCTIONS, INC

Score: 4 stars

Both members being from Toronto, 2 A.M. is probably the most inspired and talented male duo of the moment. Produced by the great Victor Franco, this excellent record, with his vast array of potential hits, will be enjoyed by most Latin Hip-Hop amateurs. All titles have rather superb melodies and some splendid editing sessions, signed by the remarkable Rob “Razor” boys!). Backed up by two of the most important Freestyle figures, these artists (sorry, artists with a big “A”) have done an incredible work on this first album. Hope the second will be as impressive.

FELIX “Don’t cry over him” (CD album) TEN-LION RECORDS

Score: 4 stars

This first album is totally brilliant. Each song (except the ugly “Color of love”) should become a smashing hit. You will enjoy the wonderful 100% Latin Hip-Hop tunes, due to these incredible emotional keyboards and these pumping rhythm beats. Furthermore, Felix has the particularity of his soft, easy, cool voice, in opposition with the rather quick and powerful rhythms. Another major release by TEN-LION RECORDS.

FREESTYLE EXPLOSION Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (CDs compilations) THUMP RECORDS

Score: 2 stars

What could possibly push THUMP RECORDS to issue these far-to-late-CDs on the market? Even if the scheme behind is noble, there are still a lot of these compilations drowning on the shelves of your favorite store. Sadly, these records only offer classical Old School Freestyle songs, which famed in the 80’s that are being issued and re-issued in trash-bin compilations for evident lucrative efforts. For those who only discover Freestyle, it is nevertheless interesting to listen to these archives, even if the reference is still “Freestyle greatest beats: the complete collections” (10 volumes), from TIMBER! RECORDS / TOMMY BOY MUSIC. Do the right choice…

STEVIE B: “Megamix Vol.2″ (CD single) ZYX MUSIC (Germany)

Score: 2 stars

Once again remixed by The Wild Boys, these four medleys (two short megamixes and two long one) featured five tracks “For you”, “Girl, I Love ya”, “Funky Melody”, “Pump that body” and the new Summer Nights. Even if the mix is of good quality, no trace of sampling or edits. So, nothing to be crazy about it.

STEVIE B AND ALEXIA PHILLIPS: “If you leave me now” (CD single) ODEON RECORDS (Canada)

Score: 4 stars

If you’re a Freestyle addict, this title should be familiar by his success in 1989, when it was first issued. By Gus Filippeos and his son’s impulse (Chris Phillips), the ODEON RECORDS team takes a fresh look at this essential classic. The beautiful Jaya is replaced by the divine Alexia Phillips, in duet with the great Stevie B, who was already present in the vocal backgrounds nine years ago. The result is simply extraordinary. The track is full of energy, the chorus is fast-moving and the use of Planet Rock is a great idea. This title is like a candy: eat slowly, it tastes better. An indispensable sugar.