Issue# 11

Community Report
Issue #11

The final issue of 1998 is here. The Freestyle Music Community has proven to be a force that continues to grow strong, regardless of it’s past set backs(the Freestyle Dark Ages). The community seems to be expanding their knowledge and support of the genres that are directly involved with Freestyle, (Trip-Hop, Drum -n-Bass, Break Beats, Rhythmic Soul, etc.), the true world of ELECTRO-FUNK. With the love and support of all the fans and the continued dedication of the labels, artists,and producers the music will live on forever. 1999 will prove to be the NEW YEAR of creativity. The year of ARTIST DEVELOPMENT, even if some people don’t believe!!!! YES, we can make money selling compilations while killing any life form of the Freestyle artist. But, wouldn’t you rather see the music and it’s artist develop into a major contributor of the Dance Music genre ? I know I do. The music will serve to be as a stamp for the next millenium. The future is in our hands, let’s take control.

NEW UPDATES: Billboard Hit Producer and Master Mixer Bob Rosenberg is remaking his classic Freestyle hit track ” Dreamin'” – Will To Power. Featured on the track will be Miami’s Power 96 mixer and Bass recording artist DJ Laz with his Dreamin 99 Mix. It’s something definitely to look out for. I will keep you informed with the details.

A CD that everyone should be checking out for the Holidays should be the “DMA Freestyle Flava” compilation. It’s brought to you by Gary Hayslett (DMA Magazine) and 404 Music Group, Inc. The CD contains 27 slammin tracks with the likes of Lissette Melendez, Laura, Buffy, M.G. Emotion In Motion, Michelle Diaz, The S Factor, Pretty Poison, Stevie B, Tara, Angelina, Spanish Fly, Mila Marcil, Jossette, Lianna, Leticia.

A group that is making noise for 1998 and will continue on to 1999 is INDIVIDUALLY ONE. They can be found on the NTB compilation with WISE GUY Records. “Is Your Lies R Killin Me written by Tito Puente JR./ and “EVER AFTER” which is on the DETOUR REC. comp. VOL. 2

Last Dolly Dean with “Every Time” soon to be released.

Freestyle Music is a International sound. With that thought in mind I would like to welcome Francis Tanneur our newest member to the FMC family. He will be bringing you the latest updates from La France. All artists and labels interested in some International exposure should contact Francis at e-mail address: or fax # 011.331.

12 INCH REVIEWS by Francis Tanneur
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While you are surfing on the net, here are two websites that I personally think are worth checking out:

If you have a website about Dance Music, e-mail me at:

So, I can check it out and hopefully include it on the Community Report.


A special congratulations goes out to the following TEN winners who answered the Photo Flashback question correct. (Answer was Tony Moran & Albert Cabrera from the Latin Rascals)
Pedro Cordoba – Massapequa, New York
Benny – Bronx, New York
Harry Duran – NY, New York
Anthony Rodriguez – Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
Kevin Estrada – South Jersey, Philly
Peter McCormick – Stratford, New York
Mari Lopez – Miami, Florida
Raul Mendoza – Hialeah, Florida
Jackie Chin – Perrine, Florida
Ryan Drew – West Palm Beach, Florida Flash1.jpg (17952 bytes)
Tony Moran & Albert Cabrera
The Latin Rascals

Since this will be the last issue for 1998 we will like to end the year by thanking all the labels that have continued to support our music, “FREESTYLE”. Here’s a special thanks from the promotions dept. Vic-Ten.

OK is that time of the year again. 1998 has really gone by us too fast. I remember when Rockell was chosen as the FM.C Peoples Choice Award for 1997. The time is now to choose for the FM.C Peoples Choice Award for 1998. Who is it going to be this time ? Let’s start voting !!! Also we would like to thank the following people, labels and artist that have supported us since the beginning. We would like to thank Tommy Boy Records, Kram Records, Intersound, NiteBeat, Pryme Tyme, 21 Century, Platinum Planet, Solid Groove, Allen Street, TMK,Timber, Geotown, Ten-Lion, Polygram Latino, Ichiban, Detour, Interhit, Madrugada, La Casa, Alabast3r,

Artists: Trip Theory, XUXA, Tia, Meyra Cordova, Aja, Cynthia, George Lamond, Elissa, LOR, Nayobe, Corina, Judy Torres, Robert LeaL,Duke Mushroom and Samski Hallander, Safire, Jellybean Benitez, Rene, Alegra, JDL, VLA, Hypertrophy,Angela Martinez, Slammin Sam, Trinere, Hilda Mariee, Afrika Bambaatta, Outta Control, Tara Z, David Wayne, Samantha Fox, Teaz II Pleaz, Tito Puente JR, Frank Lords and The Latin X-press, Onnie, and others. Also people like Lewis Martinee, Eddie Mix, Joe Blanco, Peter McCormick, Peter Rubble, Jerry Godbout III, Priscilla Garcia, Dave Alvarado, Mike Kondo, George Alvarado, Jeff Diones Gary Hayslett, Bernard Rosenberg, and others.

Mostly our staff Ivan Diller, The Original Elissa from Canada, Raul D’ablaing and Arturo Arreola from San Diego, Robb Sangivanni and Jammin’ Janie Hernandez from Texas, Gina Vega also from Texas, Francis Tanneur from France, Maria Miss Lipz, Guru Nelson and our very own Marlene Ten from Miami and last but not least our FANS THANK YOU, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, SEE YOU ALL IN 1999 PEACE/ DANCE X-TRA VIC-TEN