Tony Marino – Sara

Official Release Date: Friday, July 17th
1. Sara (Miami Club Mix) 5:01
2. Sara (Radio Mix) 3:39
3. Sara (Jorge Ojeda Freestyle Dub Mix) 7:35
4. Sara (Ojeda Bonus Beats) 4:52

Sara by the group Starship originally released in 1985 from the album “Knee Deep In The Hoopla”
Written by: Ina Wolf, Peter F. Wolf
Publisher: Universal Music-MGB Songs / Universal Music-Careers


Destune Records, Miami’s longest running and last standing Freestyle Dance Music label
in South Florida returns to its roots after an international focus on global break beat,
electro bass and new generation of Freestyle Dance music aficionados. Summer 2020 the
label cultivates it’s Miami roots and releases a project for a prominent son of the Magic
Tony Marino “Sara” is a contemporary Freestyle or Neo Freestyle/Progressive cut
combining traditional Miami Freestyle elements with current standard Electronic Dance
Music aesthetics. In the process giving “Sara” an organic Miami mid-tempo rendition to the
Starship classic original. Marino’s rich and thick warm vocals gives the track the volume
and drive, while complementing strong beats, deep bass lines and crisp highs found in
production work from DJ /Producer Jorge Ojeda. Also additional production work includes
Ricky Alfaras.
“This is Miami’s Sara “explains Jonpito A&R at Destune. “This is Sara with sofrito, 305
style. That’s what the kids want today in their Retro Wave, but something fresh for the
veterans. We are keeping it real all around and reflecting today’s Miami”.
Tony Marino is one of Miami’s pioneering powerhouse vocalist. His classics “Love You
Feel” “One Love” “Look Into My Eyes” basically helped the now legendary classic Power96
and Hot105 mix sets get 80’s EDM on the radio map. From soaring through the FM radio
airwaves, pumping out of heavy bass dropping low riders from Hialeah to South Kendall
and scorching dance floors like Club1235 ( now Mansion in South Beach), Ricks Bar and
Casanova’s. His sound is the sound of South Florida. You can’t get more Miami than this.
Starting in the Tolga Katas camp (Tolga, Linear, G.T. , Stevie B, Ray Guell ) vía Stevie B ,
Tony Morino quickly became a staple to Miami Freestyle Dance music purists. Over the
years his belt has added names with productions from Lewis Martinee ( Exposé) , Danny B
( Power Patrol,Spacemen) and even currently Oba Frank Lords ( Secret Society,
Destune is ready to welcome Tony Marino to the DR family and give “Sara” a true Miami
rendition with a true Miami Pioneer.

Label: Destune Records
Artist: Tony Marino
Title: Sara
Produced by: Jorge Ojeda
Additional Production:
Ricky Alfaras
Cover Art by: DJ Fate
Format: Digital
Catalog Number: Des-0183